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Justin – The Human Ken Doll – The Process

Previously on the ROMEO blog, we introduced you to Justin – The Human Ken Doll. This is a follow-up piece where we look more closely at the process of male Cosmetic Surgery and Justin’s journey in that field as a pioneer.

Important Facts

In part one Justin touched on his childhood; growing up in a low-income household and being obsessed with fame and celebrity. Since his first nose job at 18, he’s had upwards of 580 cosmetic procedures, costing over $600, 000. In this part of the interview, we look at the risks involved in surgery, what to do when things go wrong, and we ask Justin if he regrets any of his procedures so far?

Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO

The Process

If you get a lot of procedures done over time, as you have, do the risks get higher?

“I think they’re always the same; the doctors and I always go through all of the risks and possibilities of complication. As a pioneer of male cosmetic surgery, the new procedures that I pursue often haven’t been done before. I’ve already had all the normal basic ones. Now, I go to the doctors and pitch my ideas to them. Oh, what about back implants? Or, what about three piece shoulder implants? Or, what about quadricep implants? Those things don’t exist on the market, which is why they really interest me, as an artist working with Cosmetic Surgery. The risks are very similar to someone having breast implants; in my opinion the risks of plastic  and cosmetic surgery remain constant and the same.”

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Justin - The Human Ken Doll ROMEO

What happens when things do go wrong?

“Things do go a little askew, from time to time, but they’re always manageable, and I remain committed to the process. You can’t ever go backwards and think, ‘Oh, I wish I didn’t do that.’ You have to look at the silver lining and think, ‘OK, I’ve done a few things and here are the positives I’m going to take away from that.’ And then, move forward and build on that. Even for someone like me, my shoulder implants took four different surgeries before I was happy with them.”

If you are attempting something new, how do you arrange that with your doctor?

“I’ll talk to the doctor before I’ve started the procedures and he’ll say, ‘OK, I don’t know how this is going to go and I’ve never done it before, but if you’re game and willing to work together, then I’m in it to be able to make you happy.’ So, that’s the type of doctor that I like to work with; someone who’s open to be a pioneer and try different things. And, I don’t ever get upset with a doctor if it doesn’t come out 100%. Personally, I take full responsibility when it’s my idea. I’m happy to find doctors who listen to my wants and don’t impose theirs. For me, this is about setting myself apart and being distinctive and being different and totally recognizable as Justin Jedlica. I like that, and I don’t do it to conform to western standards of beauty.”

Justin - The Human Ken Doll

No Regrets?

So there’s no procedure to date that you regret?

“That’s the way I have to look at it. If not, you’d beat yourself up. I mean my back implants, I’ve spent 78k so far, on just those procedures over a 4 year period. Then I took out two of the implants and I’ve been healing from that.”

“I don’t regret it. For a time I thought it was really cool and I was obsessed with that body part for a few years. I wanted to try something that hadn’t been done before, we did it, it was successful for two years and I then I wanted to go back in and change the implant and re-contour it a bit. I think that’s all in the process, when you are an inventor and an innovator. I think you are constantly re-thinking things, how they could be better or different. It doesn’t mean I was unhappy with the first set, I think they were great in that period of my life. I tried to change them out and it didn’t go quite exactly as I planned, but I don’t fixate on it as a negative thing. It feels exciting to have my old back, back.”

Justin - The Human Ken Doll

To be continued…

In the next installment of Justin – The Human Ken Doll series, we look at Justin’s main reason for embracing Cosmetic Surgery, we find out more about the healing process, and we get an answer to the really big question: After all this artistry and recreation, are you happy? Justin – Some Juicy Questions.

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