Justin – Some Juicy Questions

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Justin – Some Juicy Questions

Previously on the ROMEO blog, we introduced you to Justin, The Human Ken Doll. We followed up with Justin – The Process, looking at the risks involved in surgery, what to do when things go wrong. This is a the final part on the series, where we’ll ask some juicy questions and talk about Justin’s personal happiness.

Important Facts

Since Justin’s first nose job at 18, he’s had upwards of 580 cosmetic procedures, costing over $600, 000. His four back implants cost $78k alone. He does not regret any experiments, or surgeries to date as its all part o the journey in being an artist, an innovator and an inventor.

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Some Juicy Questions

Robust or Delicate?

Are you delicate, are you more prone to a broken bone or are you stronger?

I’m not more prone to being injured. Usually when I’m healed, which is about 2 weeks for your typical healing process, after that it can take a month or a month and a half or up to six months depending on what area was worked on and what’s happened. Usually after 6 weeks you’re back to normal activities, if you want to you can go back to working out, running, walking. So you have to be careful with yourself immediately after a surgery but after everything is healed I don’t have any issue with being thrown around.

I’m definitely not stronger for it. If you’re talking specifically about the muscle implants like biceps, shoulders and deltoids. Obviously that’s more of an aesthetic thing that does not make me stronger. It might give the illusion of strength, but that’s not why I did it. I know a lot of people go, ‘Why don’t you just go to the gym?’ And I go, ‘Well you’re missing the entire point.’ The entire point isn’t that I didn’t want to go to the gym I didn’t want to fake faux strength; I didn’t want to look like a body builder. I love the human form and the ability to be able to modify it. So for me, it was really cool to be able to say, well let me see if I can do this, can I make these implants. Why doesn’t anyone offer them? I felt like it wasn’t fair, women have so many options in the field of plastic surgery, they can change everything and moreover it’s extremely accepted and a guy comes in and the number of procedures you have offered to you is extremely minimal and I think that there’s so much level for advancement and potential in the field of male aesthetics. And but additionally to that there’s such a stigma against men having plastic surgery which I also have a lot of grief with because for me, I think that plastic surgery, I see it for myself and with my clients in my consulting that plastic surgery can be used as a tool to give people a lot of confidence and self esteem. I don’t think it changes the world around you but I think the way you feel internally can be made more positive, can help you at a time in your life when you’re going through something that is extremely hard. In order to feel and to be able to move forward in a better space. I mean I’ve see it a lot of the time when people are going through a divorce, they’re going through a break up, and they are looking for a new lease on life and they’re thinking I’ve been with this person ten years, I’ve given them the best years of my life and now they want to feel a little rejuvenated and a little young.

If my work can be used as a tool to help them, to get into a better mindset and return to the dating world, then I think that’s a positive thing.

And this was all part of a plan to become famous?

Later that came with the fame, but I never planned that. That was just something that naturally organically happened. I had modeled for other photographers who were interested in body modification, I custom designed all my own body implants and I conceptualized a lot of my surgeries because for me that’s like and art form, it’s being creative.

Has all of this led you to happiness? Are you happy?

One of the number one questions or top comments I always get is well Justin is sad, he must really not like himself to have done so many surgeries, to have spent so much money to have gone through so much recovery. And I think nothing could be further from the truth and that’s what a lot of people don’t understand. Genetically I always felt like I was blessed, being tall and lean. I’ve never had to diet, I don’t have to exercise in order to stay slim, now that doesn’t mean that I’m strong and I’m not saying that I’m perfect but those things always worked in my favor.”

“The fact that I had the ability to create and be able to modify myself meant that I was able to show case my talent and my skill set for beauty and artistry and predicting the form and that was always a passion of mine. You don’t have to accept the boundaries that you are birthed into whether that’s your career, love life or social status. You have the ability to change all of those things just as much as you change your outside form, you are only as restricted as you allow yourself to be.

Do you have a message or a piece of advice you’d like to share?

And if there was one thing I wanted others to take away from my story, that would be it, you are only as limited as you allow yourself to be. And it’s easier to the same as everybody else and be a sheep and go with the herd. But nothing great comes without risk. So whether it’s me risking myself on the operating table, or risking social ostracization or coming out and owning who you are. I think you have to be willing to sometimes take those risks, even thought they’re scary and I think in the end you are always stronger for it and I feel it is not always an easy road to go. but I think in the same way I can sort of see these are my surgeries, this is my art form, this is what I have to do to get to my end result. To be able to follow my true passion and what I love doing. The same thing can be said for coming out, or having a partner your family don’t approve of or if you take a job your family don’t like, there’s always going to be people pushing you in a certain direction and you have to stay fully focused on where you want to go who you want to be and how you want to present yourself to the world because I think those are the most important things for you to be true.

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Want More Justin Jedlica?

Justin is available to offer advice and cosmetic consultancy on his website and to keep on eye on his fabulous life you can fool The Human Ken Doll on Instagram.


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