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InstaVision – Eurovision Hotties

In our latest InstaList, we bring you a top six hit list of InstaVision – Eurovision Hotties, as voted by you in our Eurovision Male Beauty Contest. Of all the countries participating, fifteen will be represented by solo male performers in Lisbon next week. We’ve listed the Instagram accounts of the beauty winners below. Now, you can follow the guys yourself and keep an eye on their life changing journey. To find out who got the most votes, scroll on down.

Eurovision Hotties to follow on Instagram

6th Benjamin Ingrosso – Sweden (Tied with Ireland)

Representing Sweden in this year’s competition, Benjamin Ingrosso will be performing the song ‘Dance You Off.’ The lyrics are about getting over an ex by embracing the party spirit. Benjamin shares 6th place in our beauty poll with Ryan O’Shaugnessy and both are young, established artists in their home countries. Sweden has performed incredibly well at the Eurovision, could this be Benjamin’s year to take home the trophy?

6th Ryan o’Shaughnessy Ireland (Tied with Sweden)

Ryan O’ Shaughnessy will represent Ireland with ‘Together’. Ireland’s third ballad in the past four years, it’s an airy, delicate song with a light gospel accent to it. Let’s hope this one has the necessary magic to break Ireland’s losing streak and put them back on top of their Eurovision game. The official video shows two boyfriends; singing, dancing, and possibly going through a little heartbreak. Is it enough to make it to the finals?

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5th Alexander Rybak – Norway

Is Alexander Rybak the best looking guy in this year’s Eurovision? Well, not according to our Romeos who voted Alexander in fifth place. A seasoned Eurovision competitor, he won for Norway in Moscow 2009, competing with ‘Fairytale’, remember those spooky twins? And that Euro-magic moment when he broke out the violin? Alexander, you stole our hearts then, and you may well do it again this year. The new song is, ‘That’s How You Write A Song,’ answering a letter from a little girl. Alexander takes her through the basics of building an awesome Eurovision number. And, yes folks, he breaks out that violin one more time, and with it, smashes the hearts and souls of Europe.

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4th Ari Olafsson – Iceland

Hailing from Iceland’s capital, Reykjavic, 19 year old Ari was born 21 May, 1998, so he’s just six month’s older than the Euro (€). A star at an early age, his angelic voice and stage-ready charm landed him lead roles at the National Theatre of Iceland. This natural charisma helped him move from a backing vocalist at Söngvakeppnin last year, to represent Iceland on the Eurovision stage next week. The song is a little bit melancholy gospel, but Ari is so likeable you can just about bear it. Is the song’s absence of Euro-pop up-beat melody its blessing or its curse? It’s a curse. Add a nice clap track next time Iceland and then we’ll see if you have a chance of winning.

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3rd Mikolas Josef – Czech Rep

Mikolas Josef, living in Austria and already working hard on a promising career, is representing his native Czech Republic with ‘Lie to Me’. This pop number has everything essential for winning the Eurovision, a slick official music video, excellent lyrics in English, a hot guy to sing his heart out, and a camel. Mikolas was involved in an accident at rehearsals in Lisbon and may not be able to perform his much talked about backflip, but the Czech pop star is committed to going ahead with singing, regardless if it’s a slightly altered performance. We wish you a speedy recovery and every success in Lisbon.


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2nd Cesár Sampson – Austria

Austria is a two-time winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. They won in 1966 but didn’t come close again until Conchita Wurst stole the crown back in 2014 with ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’. They’ve been ever present in the final since. Conchita’s legendary rise to fame and success was a magical moment across Europe for the gay community and our allies. Russia was very unhappy with Conchita, but she didn’t let their negativity spoil her achievements and saw Eurovision 2014 as a win for equality and visibility.

Back to Austria 2018, Cesár Sampson is handsome, talented, experienced and established, having traveled the world with various Austrian groups and has performed in the Eurovision before. He worked with, and performed for, Bulgaria as part of an Austrian collective known as Symphonic International. They didn’t win but scored 2nd and 4th place for Bulgaria in 2016 and 2017, respectively. 2018 is the year for César Sampson to represent Austria and see if he can bring the trophy home for a third time.

1st Waylon – The Netherlands

WWaylon is 38 years young and a highly established performer in The Netherlands. He dueted in the 2014 Eurovision with Ilse DeLange finishing in second place with another country tune, ‘Calm After The Storm’. This time he’s back in his own right, and although Waylon is a Netherland’s native, he’s bringing the experience and skill he picked up while training in Nashville, to try and take Europe’s most coveted music award. He won our beauty poll, let’s see if he has the same luck in Lisbon.

The Eurovision Official Account

To really stay on top of all the latest hi-jinx, shenanigans and goings on at Lisbon 2018, you’d be well advised to follow the Eurovision official Instagram account. Here’s a word from our Queen and Saviour, Conchita to all of this year’s Eurovision family. Oh my god, her hair is fierce.

Thank you for the music.

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