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InstaHottie – 8 Hot Gay Guys to follow on Instagram

We’ve selected eight hot gay guys on Instagram for you to enjoy. This is our first list of dudes to grab your attention. In the future, we’ll include our top picks of Insta accounts to follow for; InstaFood, InstaFashion, InstaQueers and more. If you have a hot tip for us or think your own account should be featured, reach out and touch us. For now scroll down and enjoy the view. Xxx

Alexander Lorenzo @lexx.wood

This Austrian doctor from Vienna looks amazing in a suit, but is even hotter topless, and oh boy does he like to take a lot of topless selfies! Austria must be warmer than you’d think because Alexander is naked more than he’s dressed. Hit follow and enjoy 2018 with a hot doctor on your timeline. 

Andrea @missdrakis

Meet a masculine guy who embraces his feminine side and likes to flaunt a bit of flesh in the process. This mustachioed beauty looks great in white pants and has an impressive amount of leg muscle. Beauty thy name is @missdrakis

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Karamo Brown @karamobrown

Karamo looks good in a shirt and even better without it. His Instagram shows us he’s fit, adventurous, gorgeous and presenting on the new series of Queer eye for a straight guy. Yay for more chances to see Karamo on TV in 2018!

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Stefan @derschtefan

This guy is an Austrian gym bunny, but his posts are so sweet and sincere, and his smile is so cute, that he’s a gym bunny with integrity. A fan of dance and yoga, this hunk of a man has a gentle side and a sense of humor. He is also fond of undressing and flaunting his body, yum!


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Andrea @insucoro_86

Italian, beautiful, hairy, wears a lot of jock straps in his pics and has a permanent ‘come f*ck me’ look on his face. Maybe this year’s top holiday destination should be Italy. Andrea is often seen posing for pics in Milan and has been known to dance at one or two kinky parties.

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Rify Royalty @rify_royalty

One of the hottest NYC Queen’s. She’s sexy in drag and out of it. Rify celebrates trashy glamour, classic vintage fashion, and present-day finger licking filthy goodness. Rify is the shape of sex appeal in 2018, bend that gender. #yass


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Lukas Daken @lukasdaken

A self-professed Unicorn. Lukas loves to share post-shower/gym selfies, and often flaunts his junk in sexy jocks. When not busy showering and Instagramming, he also experiments with toys and daddies. The boy is fine.

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HO•VINH•KHOA @hovinhkhoa

A young, talented, and beautiful model. Ho likes to travel and knows how to take a good photo. This Hawaii based beauty snaps his life adventures and his butt. All of which can be viewed and enjoyed on his timeline. Currently, over 250,000 followers already enjoy following this guy’s tiny little cucu from Honolulu.

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Pablo Hernandez Bitch I'm a bottom Hot gay guys to follow on Instagram

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Alexander Lorenzo

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