InstaBros Black History Month

InstaBros: Black History Month

Last month we selected some InstaHotties for you to enjoy. February is Black History Month so, this time we’re highlighting people of color, InstaBros. We selected people we think are making the Instagram world a better place by sharing their art, their beauty, and their integrity. Hope you enjoy the view and if you’d like to be included next time, reach out and touch us at


Frank Ocean is looking at you

Frank Ocean @itsfrankocean

Frank Ocean was the first black hip-hop artist to come out. He shared his tender and beautiful coming out experience as a personal post on Tumblr in 2012. We featured Ocean in our Black, Queer, and Fierce gallery last year. His Instagram is filled with beautiful snaps of Ocean’s life and the occasional business/promotional post to remind us he’s a musician that happens to be beautiful too.

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Gary Thompson @theplasticboy

Gary Thompson is a makeup artist and beauty blogger from Birmingham in the U.K. He has amassed thousands of followers on social media. This beautiful man shot to fame last year as the first male model for a L’Oreal makeup campaign in the U.K. We love his charm, his enthusiasm and his high energy; it’s addictive.


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Lateef Abdullah @thynative

Lateef brings his experience as a gay person of color to the world of vlogging, giving his voice to an underrepresented community. His unique perspective on topics like masculinity and femininity in the gay community resonate with his growing audience. Lateef’s sense of humor is sincere and charming, but it’s his inspirational fashion sense on Instagram that keeps us coming back for more. This young kid is going places.

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Tyler, The Creator @fuckyeahtylerthecreator

Tyler, The Creator, is a rap artist who also has a fashion line and has courted controversy with the use of charged terms and provocative language. He ain’t perfect, but Tyler is trying to grow. He is young, cute, successful and sexually fluid. Watch him evolve and enjoy witnessing Tyler sport a lot of impressive fashion choices on his Instagram feed. Incidentally, Tyler was one of the first voices to support Frank Ocean’s coming out on Tumblr in 2012.

Todrick Hall @todrick

Todrick Hall is unstoppable. You may know him from RuPaul’s drag race as a repeat judge and choreographer? Or maybe you spotted Todrick working with Taylor Swift on LWYMMD? His Instagram is personal, it’s actual pics of Todrick living his amazing life, from being goofy with Swift, to TV interviews, to full-on body paint witchy drag, and the occasional mention of Chicago. Follow him, you won’t regret it.

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RuPaul @rupaulofficial

Do we really need to explain who this is? If you don’t know, you need to think about the choices you’ve made in life to bring you this to this point. RuPaul is the Presidentess of the United States of Gay. For drag fans, her word is law and we obey. Okurrrr?

Intoblackguys @intoblackguys

So, the objectification of any race sexually is a bit weird and wrong. Black guys sometimes might face fetishization in the gay community, and that’s not something we support. We do however celebrate beauty and the male form. That’s exactly what this Instagram account is about, celebrating black beautiful guys and zero negativity. Follow and enjoy.

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