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InstaAthletes – Out and Proud Athletes on Instagram

In our latest InstaList we bring you a host of impressive athletes that are out, proud, and living the best possible version of themselves everyday. Now that the Winter Olympics are over, we have two new high-profile gay athletes, Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon, but who else can we look to for visibility and inclusion in sports? Well actually, lots of people. This is #InstaAthletes.

Out and proud athletes to follow on Instagram

Anthony Bowens

Anthony Bowens is a 27 year old wrestler from New Jersey. He kept his bisexuality secret for most of his life. Even when he fell in love with his boyfriend, Michael Pavano, Bowens asked his partner to keep their relationship secret. Pavano later uploaded a YouTube video introducing Bowens as his boyfriend, and that was the beginning of a massive turnaround in their lives. Bowens’ friends in the wrestling world saw the video and responded with love, support, and understanding.

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Gus Kenworthy

Possibly the most handsome athlete of all time, Gus made Olympic headlines when he kissed his boyfriend on live TV. He went on to court fame again when he placed a lonely hearts ad sending a public call-out to Ricky Martin and partner. – “Living La Vida Lonely – m4m (LA, California);

Us: We were wearing black Ralph Lauren tuxedos, mine had little cowboys on it.

You: You were also both wearing tuxedos because… well, because it was the Oscar’s and everybody does.”

That’s a four man date night we’d love to see.

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Tom Daley

This British Olympian brought home a bronze medal in the 2012 Beijing Olympics and shot to fame almost immediately. Since then, he’s come out on YouTube, met and married the man of his dreams, been accused of cheating, worked it out, and is an expectant father to be. All this and only 23 years old. Tom Daley is an athlete living his out and proud life everyday.

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Adam Rippon

Heroes don’t always wear capes. This is the guy who stood up to systemic homophobia in his own country’s highest level of government. Adam tackled journalist’s probing questions with class and decorum, and ensured his Olympic journey was not overshadowed by a conservative agenda, but a celebration of his life-long dedication to succeed. The clip featured above is phenomenal and shows the skill and talent of the legendary Adam Rippon.


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Ian Thorpe

This Australian Olympian has: 5 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze olympic medal in his treasure chest. He holds the most medals won by an Australian athlete, and was a big supporter of the Marriage Equality campaign in Australia last year. He officially came out in 2014 and started dating model Ryan Channing in 2016.

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Jorik Hendrickx

The 25-year-old from Turnhout, Antwerp, is a two-time national skating champion. He made his Olympic debut at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, placing 16th. In February this year, he came out in an interview with Zizo Belgium. Although people in his life knew, Hendrickx says he wasn’t prepared to go public at Sochi. He and his sister are a powerful skate team and you can follow their journey on their website.


Fred Rosser

In August 2013, Fred Rosser aka Darren Young came out and became the first openly gay active wrestler in the WWE’s history. At the time, he had very little idea of just how big a moment it was. Since that day, he has received support and love from wrestlers and the rainbow community. Coming out has totally transformed his career from being a full-time wrestler to being a wrestler and an advocate for LGBT rights. He encourages other athletes to eventually come out, whenever they feel the time is right for them. Every individual’s journey is different, but it really does get better.

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Eric Radford

Canadian figure skater, Eric Radford tweeted, “might explode with pride,” after becoming the first openly gay male Winter Olympic’s champion. Radford took gold at the Pyeongchang Games in the team figure skating event, alongside his partner Meagan Duhamel. After his win, Radford, 33, wrote on Twitter: “This is amazing! I literally feel like I might explode with pride.”

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