Krystella is attuned to the universe, the earth and Netflix. She is in touch with every side of herself, from her masculine roots to her feminine tips and all the other magnificent genders in the mix. When not stargazing to gain insight on her part in destiny she likes to read tea leaves and death notices. It pays to keep up on new spirits in her field.  She has seen many Decembers before and she understands both the joy and the ‘gawd dang shitbuzz’ Christmas can be.

If you contacted Krystella and your specific question is not listed, you may find an answer that applies to your situation here. She receives a lot of enquiries about love, career and money, so we have selected questions to reflect that. Many of Krystella’s responses can be offensive, others may apply to you.


Hiyah Krystella,

I love your little insights and spiritual knowledge and blurbs on the site. I’m just wondering how I go about getting a bit of a reading as to my future. I’ve been head hunted yet again. This time to Portugal, by the same boss who lured me back to Australia from Paris a few years ago.  He’s moved on and wants me to help him expand his business there. I’m settled here now, no relationship, which suits me though, but Lisbon sounds like fun. What do you see for me as far as experiences and a bit of fun on the side? I’m a Leo born on the 20th August. Am I out of line emailing you directly?

Cheerio for now,


Hey Paulie!

Your message came with a lovely picture! Thanks for that. I never seem to get enough of smiling faces flying across the Internet at me. And you can fly your face to me anytime, Sugar.

I took a gander at your future in my Krystella balls, and your future is looking rather bright. It’s never easy to start again and as a gay Leo man you live life with a certain pizzazz. So, I can easily see you pulling up the roots of your settled life on that southern island, called Australia, and giving it a good shake up. Whether that means that you take your happy ass to Portugal or not remains to be seen.

Men like you are either into the arts or big business. Which one are you? You look like an artist in the picture, such a lovely relaxed smile. But artists like to follow their hearts and business people talk about settling down. That’s the Leo in you being all conservative, and with your charisma, chances are most of us will deal with your bullshit.

If you are the artistic type, then you need attention. So a new opportunity to be the center of the universe or at least the center of Lisbon will suit you. Artists can survive on compliments and adoration alone.

If you’re looking to lay about and want casual affairs, then you should stay on Australia Island. However, if you’re itching for some spice and want some pepper put in your ass, head over to Portugal. Life in Lisbon may not always be perfect, but it might be just the challenge you need. At some point in your life, you’ll come face to face with yourself and your ‘shortcomings.’ then you’ll have to make choices about how you want to live your life. You might be a materialistic whore, but at least you’ll be an honest one.

Keep in touch sugar and let me know where you end up. Maybe I’ll see you in Porto.

Wet Kisses,




Hi Krystella

I am  gay from Prague, Czech Rep.

Can you make a forecast for my gay love life in the New Year.

What are your best suggestions for my gay love life for the future.

All the best, and my truly best wishes for you.

I am standing thankful for your attention.

Greetings from Vojtech

Heya Voj,

Let’s get to it, you have a beautiful upbeat energy. I think of you and your future, and I think, you have the potential to go anywhere and do anything. It‘s rare in life to meet such a bright spark. Own it, love it and channel your endless energy into making the world as beautiful as you are. Sadly, not everyone will get your humor, some will even call you annoying – haters be hating. Don’t let it get you down, but do learn when to shut that beautiful mouth and listen.

I’m looking at your love life in 2017; it is cram packed. You’re gettin’ it and givin’ it all over town. Slow down Vojtech, the boys want your milkshake, but you gotta keep it smooth. If you let everyone have a sip, you run out of milk pretty quick, and no one wants a lick o’ sour cream.


You’ve separated love from sex and that’s an interesting division. Love is an immensely powerful feeling,  it can lift you up, but it can break you if you let it. Sex can enhance love. It can also be like a good workout, fast, fulfilling and sweaty. Who knows? You might be banging the love of your life all winter, if you’re lucky. You could open up your eyes and see the man you want could be in you, under you, over you, under you again. Mmmm, sounds like nice private times to me. Hopefully,  you’ll open your eyes one day and see the man you really want to love is in the mirror.

Now go grab yourself a yoga mat and get stretching, cause you got a whole lot of ass in your future and you need to look tight. If you know what I mean.

You are about to get more booty than me you filthy and fabulous homo.

Happy Banging,




Well that’s all the time I can spare on your ‘needs’, now I need to fix me a cup of self love and sink into the guy next door. Oh and hey to all my Capricorn lovers, I got you in my sights for next week.

Kiss, Kiss, Milkshake,




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