Hey, How’s my hair?

PLANETROMEO has selected some of the most famous hair disasters of the past to make sure you don’t repeat them. We’ve also picked out some hair trends coming up in 2017 to inspire you.

Hair disasters from the past

Man bun or topknot

The man bun took over men’s hair and was/is everywhere. It had the effect of making some guys look like a rodent, and its massive popularity was its downfall.  Now when we think of the man bun, we shudder and hope for a time when this hair mistake is finally over.



The most famous hair disaster in living history, yet it resurfaces from time to time on the heads of celebrities who really should know better. It’s business in the front, party in the back. It was everywhere in the 80’s and kept popping up in the 90’s. Then it disappeared until hipsters brought it back.



Was this ever a good idea? The Mohawk rose to fame in the 80’s with the punk generation in London. ‘Mohawkers’ often dyed their hair bright colors. It was a haircut that screamed look at me, while I pretend I don’t want to be looked at (aka attention whore.) Mohawks still pop up from time to time and if you’re a student doing it for fun that’s fine, everyone else no, just no.


This look was surprisingly popular in the 90’s. You take the strongest hold hair gel you can find, squeeze most of the bottle onto your head and shape your hair into sky pointing spikes. How it started is unclear. Was it homage to Sonic the Hedgehog? Who cares. The good news is, this look is gone, and we hope it ain’t never coming back. Fingers crossed.

Future hair

Looking to the hair of the future, what styles are coming next and will any of them end up being hair mistakes? Usually, the biggest errors are only realized when we look back. We’ve found two future looks where we’re 90% certain they’ll be hair disasters, and then two future looks that should work out.



Man braid

This look was already making muted appearances on the hipster scene in 2016, but it’s been gaining traction and could be a big hit in 2017. This is one of those rare moments when you already know it’s a hair disaster before it’s even begun. The purest man braid look is a shaved side and back with a single braid up top, but variations can happen with men sporting up to three braids.  It can also be paired with the man bun – double fail!

Side fade no beard

OK so beards are in, and yeah, they look sexy. But anything that’s super popular is going to become unpopular. While beards are not in danger of total extinction the trim has begun. One future look (coming soon) is the side fade no beard. You get a short back and sides with a fade and leave it a little long and loose on top, for clean shaven boyish charm.



So this is when two different styles meet on one head. It’s usually short and tight in one area and then long on the rest for contrast. It never really looks finished and as such, is already a hair failure. The latest update involves shading patterns into the tightly trimmed sides, so a third hairstyle is added to the mix. People gonna be going ’round looking stupid and it’s gonna be hilarious.


Vintage modern combo

Ever since the rise in barbershops and the rebirth of their trade, vintage looks have started to be taken seriously again.  On any night out you might meet a man with Elvis Presley hair, or a 50’s crew cut. In the very near future, you’ll start seeing vintage meets modern haircuts. That’s right – they’re mashing up the hair of the past with the hair of tomorrow. This may not actually lead to hair disaster if we put our trust in the hands of skilled barbers.


So now you know what disasters have already happened, and you know a little about what’s coming up next – choose carefully! If you need even more hair advice, check out our blog post on body hair.