#Hashtag Search

Looking for Mr. Right just got a whole lot easier and looking for Mr. Right Now, did too. ROMEO has poured some time and love into our search engines, and we’re proud to announce, you can use hashtags when searching for the kind of guy or guys you’d love to meet. Many ROMEO profiles have already listed their interests, preferences, and hobbies using a hashtag, so it was high time we set up a search to match


As an extra added bonus, #hashtags and @usernames entered on any profile or photos are shown as blue links, so when you click a #hashtag you get a list of guys with the same hashtag in their profiles. Or click a @username and you’ll get a list of profiles that have that string of characters in the name.


We checked the Wishlist and noticed there was a lot of interest in making the searches more specific – a hashtag search was one way to grant this wish. It gets even better – there’s not only one way to explore our online community, there’s two.

Profile Name & Hashtag Search

The first search option is at the top of the page if you are using the newer ROMEO website on your desktop or from a browser on your phone/tablet. You will see IMG#58113 at the top-right of the page.  Click IMG#58113 , and a search box reveals itself with the suggestion ‘search for name or hashtag’. This search option is fast, specific and really useful when looking up users you already know or when you want to find a specific interest group like #runners. The search is independent which means it won’t interfere with what you’re already doing. It also won’t take your filters into account, so you’ll find #runners, or whatever else you’re looking for, of all ages, sizes, etc., etc. Also if you see #runner on a profile, its a clickable link. When you click #runner, all other profiles with that term will be located for you. #impressive

Filter Search

When you use a hashtag in the filter search, it will now limit the results by the filters you set yourself. So if you type #runner, but your age range is 18-40 then any runner older than 40 won’t show up. If you’re not looking for the man of your dreams but really want to make a friend or sports buddy, loosen up those filters and spread the net a little wider.

Filter Search

Power Feature

How can there be any more to this? Well because we love you, we’ve enhanced the search option even more. In the filter search, you are not limited to one word. You can search for a group of words, a sentence, etc.

For example, you could enter big black boots or #big #black #boots. As soon as you enter multiple words, you will see these three options appear automagically below the search – Any, All & Exact.

Any, All or Exact

Sticking with our example of Big Black Boots, – the button ‘Any’ will show you all the results, so any profile description, username or headline containing big or black or boots and in any order.

‘All’ will only show you users that have all three words but again in any order. (BTW, you could have more words like shiny big black leather boots.)

And ‘exact’ will only show a profile or profiles that have that exact phrase in that order.

The best way to enjoy our search enhancements is to give them a test drive for yourself.


If you have any suggestions on how to make your experience on ROMEO even more enjoyable, you can add your voice to the Wishlist and just like the #search enhancement, there’s a chance, one day, we’ll be able to grant it.

Much Love,


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