Glowing Gay Christmas Gifs

We’re taking Gay as Christmas to the next level. We’ve created a collection of neon holiday-themed gifs to help you share your festive queer just in time for the holigays! It’s our gay collection of Gifs to make Christmas Gay(er).

Slay Baby, Sleigh!

PLANETROMEO Gay Christmas Reindeer Oh Deer Rudolph Unicorn Drag

The naughty animated gifs give a gay twist to Christmas by replacing the classic Silver & Gold with a more fabulous Neon & Bold. So, we’ve revealed a nutty Nut Cracker, a package shining brightly, a winter wonderland TREEsome and a lot of flashing festive Gifs. Enjoy the holidays and enjoy our Ho Ho Homo fabulous gif collection!

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Nice Package!

We’re breaking out a host of gay themed neon magical Gifs for you and your BFFs to tweet, like, poke, share and WhatsApp to everyone you love. Click any of the bright and flashy Gifs on this page to share with the people you love. 

PLANETROMEO Gay Christmas Reindeer Oh Deer Rudolph Unicorn Drag

Host? Travel? Location?

Spice up your social media channels with our super sassy Santa’s sleigh that’s totally slaying it. Set the night on fire with our rainbow-colored festive shining star. Share your queer neon kindness out loud and proud with our ‘Gay as Christmas’ gif.

PLANETROMEO Gay Christmas Ginger Bread Drag Queen

PLANETROMEO Gay Christmas Tree Xmas Pride Rainbow

PLANETROMEO Gay Christmas Gif Sexy Santa

The Full Collection

Our Previous Xmas Gifs

Previously we also released a number of naughty and nice Christmas Gif’s. You can still use them to send ‘wishes and messages to the important people in your life. Such thoughtful sweet nothings as ‘Jingle my balls’, ‘Merry X MY ASS,’ and ‘Ho, Ho, Homo!’ Finally, you can say what you really mean in fabulous flashing neon magic.

PLANETROMEO Gay Christmas Jingle My Balls


’tis the season to be SHARING!

The collection of fabulously festive designs were created to make this year’s ‘Season of Gif’ing’ more flamboyant and fun. These gifs and a whole lot more are available over on our Giphy page.


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