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Ghosting – Seven Ghastly Ghosts!

Have you been ghosted? Or are you a ghoster? Ghosting is when you are dating, and then, with no warning, the conversation goes completely quiet; no texting, no calls, no real-life meeting. From hot to cold in a split second.

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Different Kinds of Ghosting

There are several types of ghosts, and knowing about them could make you feel better, or at least understand them. This is our ghastly list of the seven kinds of ghosts you could fall victim to.

1. The Real Ghost

Hey accidents happen, and someone you were just getting to know could, in fact, have died suddenly, in this case, they really are a ghost and unless you were dating Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg is trying to get in touch, there’s really no way for your recently deceased buddy/lover to let you know.


2. The Scaredy Ghost

You have been chatting and exchanging pics for a while, then you start arranging a date, and they cut all communication. This could be that they got cold feet and gave in to cowardice. It’s easier for them to ignore you, than face up to the honesty of admitting they got scared.


3. The Fake Ghost

This is a person posing as your dream date who is actually very different. Maybe they sent you fake photos of a hot guy, or they exaggerated about their life, their achievements. When the time comes to meet, they back out to avoid revealing the truth. The Fake Ghost is actually troubled and lonely. They are also skilled at deceiving you. It could have been worse, you could have been catfished and entered into a long term fake relationship. Count yourself lucky you got ghosted, better than having to uncover the horrible truth on an MTV reality show


4. The Married Ghost

Dude says he’s single, flirts with you, you bang a few times. Then he starts to get confused about his feelings for you and his feelings for his wife or husband. He chooses to bail on you and keep his hypocritical vows to his spouse going. In this case, you dodged a bullet, imagine if they left their partner for you? The mess, the sheer mess of it all. Getting ghosted spares, you having to comfort his jilted partner. Tell-tale signs of a married ghoster, he has a tan line on his wedding finger and can never host, only bangs at your place and doesn’t want to go out or be seen in public.


5. The Closet Ghost

Like a married guy, the closet ghost has a lot of secrets weighing him down, but try to be kind to this one. Cast your mind back to the time you yourself had to hide your sexuality. It can get lonely, and it’s natural that he’d want to reach out and flirt with someone to experiment with being gay, but it still hurts to get ghosted. Tell-tale signs of a closet ghost, they are kind of ‘fresh’ about gay culture, they tend to be young, and they often fall in love quickly.


6. The Ghost

The most common of all, a guy who, for no reason, just stops responding. He is not married, in the closet, or pretending to be Mr. Dream-boat. He is just a guy who has so many men, engaged in so many chats, that he can’t be bothered to officially end it with you. The psychology behind this kind of softens the blow; in the digital era we have so many ‘faux’ friendships online that it is hard to maintain them all. As soon as one starts to go cold some people prefer to just check out quickly and silently. It is not nice, but it is common. The best way to respond to being ghosted is to realize, people are people. It’s important to remember if someone ghosts you, the behavior says more about them than you.


7. Self Ghosting

Also, you yourself may have ghosted someone without ever intending to, or fully realizing. How many times has someone said, ‘Hey,’ to you online and you said, ‘Hey,’ back, a little to-ing and fro-ing, but then you get a phone call, or your uber shows up, etc etc, and you forget to reply. Then later you remember you had started a chat with someone and decide to leave it alone. Its a mini ghosting as no bond was firmly established, but it’s still in essence ‘GHOSTING’. This is like that moment in a scary movie when the lead character realizes they are dead – the Ghost is YOU!


Less Ghosting more Freaking!

Here’s hoping you enjoy the spooky holiday! Log onto ROMEO and arrange your next adventure, set up a Halloween themed group, leave a special ghoulish footprint, or add your costume pics to your profile to show the community how inventive you are this October.

Keep it freaky and go on out there and get your pumpkins pumped!

Much Love,



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