Getting Inked up - Three ROMEO Employees Joe, Tommy and Adrian tattoo

Getting Inked Up! #tattoo

Are you into guys with tattoos? You can easily find them on ROMEO. If you search for the word tattoo in the search tool, or do a hashtag search for #tattoo you will uncover a world of tattoo clad guys. For this blog post we decided to speak to three ROMEO employees about their tattoos and who they like to date.

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Getting Inked up - ROMEO Tattoo

Tommy – Our Austrian Bear

Hey, I’m Tommy, 37 years old and originally from Austria. I was surfing on ROMEO 10 years ago, and I saw a job opening, applied and here I am. My official role is Advertising Sales Manager.

Getting Inked up - Tommy Tattoo

XXX – After living here for 10 years and loving Amsterdam, I thought it was time to get a tattoo representing my love of the city. So, I got it. The XXX is a symbol of Amsterdam.

Getting Inked up - XXX Tattoo

Oma & Opa Heart – I love my grandparents so, so, so much. Growing up in a three-generation household my grandparents were always there for me. They were also super accepting about me being gay. They mean the world to me.

Getting Inked up - Oma and Opa Tattoo Tommy

Skull – It’s just a classic tattoo, and I think it’s cool, but it has no deep meaning. Not every tattoo has to have a story, some are just pretty.

Getting Inked up Skull Tattoo ROMEO PLANETROMEO

When I was still dating, the tattoos increased my chances of getting laid dramatically. Many guys are into the bear type of guys with tattoos, I think because it looks dangerous. So, it was always one of my USPs (Unique Selling Points). – Tommy

Adrian – our German Chameleon

My name is Adrian, I’m 36 years old and originally from Germany. I came to ROMEO cause on one hand I always loved Amsterdam, and on the other hand -after 15 years in the metal-industry, making parts for racing cars- I just wanted the opportunity to finally work in a gay company. 😉

At ROMEO I work as Customer Support Administrator and translator. I help users with questions about their profiles, and I take care of the ‘bad guys’. I am sometimes involved in translating for the website and occasionally the newsletter texts.

  Getting Inked up Adrian ROMEO
Flute – My little Prosecco tattoo was made around one year ago. I was hanging out with my five best friends from Cologne, we got a bit tipsy and we had the wonderful idea to get all the same ‘gang tattoo’. 🙂 Shortly after, we met at our favorite tattoo parlor and got inked up.

Getting Inked up Flute Tattoo

Now that I’ve left Cologne, the tattoo with its 6 bubbles (1 for each one of us) in the glass, always reminds us of each other and our great times in Cologne.

When it comes to dating, I’m indeed a bit more attracted to tattooed people, probably because these guys are mostly creative and interesting. And as everyone knows, tattooed people just do it better.  – Adrian

Joe – Our Dutch Lion

Hi, I’m Joe, 26 years old and originally from Rotterdam, but living in Amsterdam at the moment. I just moved back from London a couple of months ago and I was looking for a job. A friend of mine knew I was job hunting and he told me to apply at ROMEO. It was really good advice because I got the job. Now I’m a Junior Graphic Designer and Facility Assistant.

Getting Inked up Joe on a sofa tattoo

Triangle Note – Actually, the meaning of my tattoo came after it was placed on my arm. I went to Milkshake, a queer music and art festival in Amsterdam. At their first event many gay and straight people attended. And to be honest, I was quite nervous, as a lot of different types of people were all going to be there. In the end, I had nothing to worry about. Because of the amazing music and vibe, everyone came together and everything worked out perfectly. It was inclusive and there was great harmony, which is what my tattoo now means to me.

Getting Inked up Musical Note and Triangle Tattoo
Deeper Meaning – Gay people in concentration camps during World War II were marked with a pink triangle and now the gay community has reclaimed the triangle as a sign of empowerment.  I see G-note symbol to be the key that opened a more inclusive world between gay and straight people at the festival.

I love tattooed guys but when I’m single it doesn’t have any influence on how or who I date. – Joe

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There’s actually lots of ways to search for your perfect fit on ROMEO. If you aren’t into tattoos, maybe you like sporty guys, or bears. Filter search is another way to find and chat to guys that suit your personal preferences. The best way to be found by other guys is to fill in your profile details and to include interesting information about what you like. While you’re at it, break out as many hashtags as you can think of. Using a hashtag like, #tattoo, #leather, #surfing, etc., makes it easier for other like-minded guys to find you quickly with a hashtag search.

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