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 Gemini - Twice As Nice

Geminis are remarkably intelligent. For them, finding someone just as witty and intellectual as themselves is like rediscovering a carton of ice cream in your freezer on a hot summer day. A perfect match! Geminis are brainy. They make super sexy nerds. Brains and balls! Krystella dialled up the cosmos and she's ready to spill the hot piping Tea that is Gemini's Homoscope. Brace for impact bitches.



Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Erogenous Zone: Arms & Hands

Best Traits: Curios, Clever & Adaptable

Worst Traits: Shallow, Sarcastic & Cold

Famous & Gemini

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Wentworth Miller & Jamie Dornan




Hey and Howdy to all you Gemini Guys, My favorite Gemini (also an ex now) could always say the most perfect things. He'd tell me how smart, funny I was, and that I had such a  beautiful mind. Who wouldn't want to hear such compliments? Gemini men are known for picking guys up with just a few brilliant lines. They're marvelous communicators, and they'll love your body AND mind.

In Two Minds

When Mister Gemini falls into a funk, he needs a strong mind to draw him out again. He needs to have intellectual interaction to keep those brain cells active, agile, and arduous. I had to be very patient to deal with my Gemini man. He was two people at once, two sides of the same coin, two feet and one pair of socks, two legs in the same pants. Do you understand yet? Hate something one minute, love something the next minute. What I learned is not to become attached to material things because today's gorgeous couch can become tomorrow's thorn in the eye. But, I learned to be flexible; to open my mind and close my mouth. I needed to help him feel, not think.

Let Your Love Run Free

Let him be free and open as he needs to be. I thought I couldn't do it at first. I didn't want him to be open because I was insecure. I believed that he couldn't love me if he was being all open and free with someone else. The fastest way to break up with a Gemini is to try to tie him down. When you're sure about what you two have together, then it's easier to let him be free. All you need to do is make sure he knows that you are there for him at all times. And, please, have your very own complete life.

Let's Get Personal

Soft, tender kisses tasting of nostalgia, chocolate, and baked apples whisper into a Gemini man's sense of being. Personal relationships are the most important thing for Mister Gemini. He might even let go of other responsibilities to strengthen those bonds. He lives by the motto: 'You don't pick your family, but you do pick your friends.' If you get a chance to hook a Gemini, you'll find their free-spirited lovers, who shine at parties and who can be devils in the bedroom, especially the ambidextrous ones. Talk about having tricks up your sleeves. Whoa!


If Mister Gemini is looking for a keeper, then there can be no doubts about you, or he'll keep looking. When he falls for you, he's a caring, thoughtful lover. He might travel far and wide to purchase the gift you said you wanted in passing, and he might also have a playdate at the same time. A playdate and his relationship with you are two separate things. The only overlap might be in how you react to the love letters and estranged midnight calls you mistakenly intercept. Don't take his sometimes uncontrollable magnetism too seriously because he doesn't. He'll bend over backward or forwards to make his lover happy. Twin Kisses, Krystella, The Fortune Tella'


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