Geminis sometimes have trouble choosing. The 1st week has you shining light on what you’re trying to achieve in love. Week 2. Narrow down your list of suitors (not a bad problem to have), when you find someone who stands out in a positive way. Single? Enjoy the energy, and remember, Mercury supports long-term planning. Week 3. Married or partnered? Discover new things to adore about each other. As you build a new life together, you build trust and hope too. Week 4. Keep healthy boundaries, so when you’re together, you think only about each other. The 28th highlights dreamy dates and romantic dinners, while the 30th has you on a decidedly different outing together. Falling in love again? A shift comes at the end of the month, leaving you and your special someone working to create the life of your dreams. How great is that?

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