Gemini is all about brain power. This month you’ll find your intellectual match and after a rousing game of sudoku. You’ll use numbers to help you satisfy each other, the numbers six and nine. It’s not all about flesh pleasure though, you will also get a surprise by old fashioned mail this month, so keep an eye on the postman.

Your witty conversation is one of the reasons you’re welcome at every party, but be a little more balanced this month and take time to chill. Text an old friend for coffee, it’ll help to heal a wound.

You know you’re a great communicator, and you’ll find you’re super happy the next time you have to speak to the ex. Try to be more loving and less lost when you see him. Of all the signs, you’re the most likely to experience anxiety and withdraw into your psyche as a defense mechanism. Your significant-ex knows how to push those buttons, so be zen man, and send out good vibes.

Money might be tight, but that should change later in the year.


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