As you guys might know, there’s more to PlanetRomeo than just sex, friends and love.

It’s exactly for this reason we made a worldwide survey last December, our first ever Gay Rights Monitor. Thanks to your great commitment, the results have been more than we could have wished for: we received over 118,000 completed surveys. Thanks a lot, guys!

Your stories will become part of a full, unique, worldwide report. Not only to inform you and all other Romeos on how we’re doing as a community, but also to reach out and help the wider LGBT community and LGBT advocacy organizations.

Because we at PlanetRomeo are gay as well, we know first-hand about the struggles and problems each of us face when we’re trying to find our way in life. Stories we hear from our Romeos who suffer from homophobia, bullying, discrimination or worse, are a daily reminder for us.

The Gay Rights Monitor report is currently in development. We will keep you posted.

Results 2014 PlanetRomeo Foundation
In 2014, the Foundation supported 22 projects in 19 different countries around the world, providing more than €97,000 in funding.


The Foundation has also made a great start to 2015 by supporting another five projects in the first quarter alone.

How you can help
Via the PLUS registration page at, you will find also an option to make a donation and get the Foundation logo in your profile to show your support. Of course, we will keep you updated on the Foundation’s activities regularly.

We, as PlanetRomeo company, not only made an annual donation of € 60,000 to the Foundation in 2014, but also cover the Foundation’s operational costs. This is a guarantee that 100% of your donation is directed to the actual project funding. In 2014, our Romeos helped to raise an amazing € 34,000. A big thank you for that!

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