Gay Games - Paris 2018

Gay Games – Paris 2018

The Gay Games is the world’s largest inclusive sports and culture event. It began in 1982, and was founded by decathlon Olympian Dr. Tom Waddell. We covered The History of the Gay Games previously on the blog. This time we’re looking at the plans and ambitions for the upcoming Gay Games in Paris this August. Gay Games - Paris 2018

All Equal

With up to 15,000 participants expected to attend and a potential 40,000 spectators, there’s a lot going on in Paris this August. This will be the 10th edition of the Gay Games and the motto is ‘All Equal.’ The Games are open to anyone who wants to participate, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, or anything else. Categories are divided by age and experience to give everyone a sporting chance. So, you’ll usually be competing with athletes of a similar level.

Gay Games - Paris 2018
Universal Values – Gay Games Paris 2018

The Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will mark the official beginning of the Gay Games at the Jean Bouin Stadium on August 4, 2018. The Opening Ceremony is one of the most important moments of the Gay Games. There will be a procession of athletes and artists into the stadium, accompanied by a succession of performers and public figures. This ceremony will bring together all participants to share in an unforgettable experience. The Grand Palais will host the Opening Soiree (party) and the guest DJ will be Offer Nissim. Gay Games - Paris 2018

Facts and Figures

The Games promise to include 36 sports and 14 cultural events, spread over 55 venues. The 15,000+ athletes come from 80 different nations and will be supported by 40,000 friends, fans, family, and locals.

Gay Games - Paris 2018
The Games in numbers

Impact on sports

Paris 2018 promotes inclusion and diversity in sports. The Gay Games allow people to affirm themselves and raise the positive visibility of LGBTQ+ sports and cultural associations. In particular, Paris 2018 wants to break down barriers and stereotypes related to gender identity, sexual orientation, health status, and disability. Events such as dance, synchronised swimming, and figure skating also include same-sex couples as well as mixed couples.

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