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Gay Games Paris 2018 – Opening Ceremony

On the scene at Paris 2018 is ROMEO roving reporter JK, to bring you highlights of the Opening Ceremony, Waterproof updates, and all of the Gay Games excitement. In the morning of Saturday, August 4th, the Waterproof water polo team arrive enthusiastically early in Paris, and proceeded gayly forward to La Cité de la Mode et du Design (City of Fashion and Design), where the team picked up their accreditation and goody bags. Tons of volunteers were painstakingly working to hand out the 10,000+ passes and bags to all the athletes.

Getting to the Stadium

In the sweltering Paris heat the Waterproof Team traveled by metro for an hour to get to the stadium. Despite the high temperatures (33℃/91℉), their spirits also remained high and they were bubbling with anticipation and joy.

Arriving at the Stadium

Upon arrival at the stadium, the players passed through several security checks. Athletes, supporters and mascots from all around the world were gathered in the evening sunshine waiting to be called into the stadium for the Parade of Nations. The Waterproof Team waited at the rear (no pun intended), before the Netherlands panel of athletes was called to enter.

The Opening Ceremony

On Saturday evening, the opening ceremony was held. The ceremony opened with San Francisco as the first group to enter. As a registered player armed with a press pass, JK was able to enter with the team, and also gain access to the press box, to get shots from behind the scenes, as well as in front.

Gay Games Opening Ceremony

There were VIPs in attendance, such as Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, Sports Minister Laura Flessel and French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Two thousand guests waited eagerly as the athletes entered and walked the field. The hosts spoke English and French to welcome everyone as cheerleaders cheered and shook their pompoms. The world press watched from the second ring, and as the athletes entered and completed their walk, they were seated in the stadium as the entire place began to fill up with sportspeople and sports enthusiasts. The atmosphere was electric!

The Stadium

The venue is Stade Jean-Bouin (Jean Bouin Stadium), an impressive multi-purpose arena in the 16th district of Paris. At 70,000 sq. meters, it’s a huge concrete structure, which can hold up to 20,000 spectators. This architecture award winning stadium offers numerous VIP suites and media facilities. Sustainable technology has been integrated with solar panels on the roof, and rainwater can be recycled for irrigation purposes. The playing field, which is composed of natural grass, was installed with the latest innovative grass technology. The Stade Jean-Bouin will also host the Rugby competitions for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Paris 2018: Stade Jean-Bouin (Jean Bouin Stadium)

Stay tuned

Sunday, a day of rest before the Games Begin!

Meet the Players

Thomas Waterproof ROMEO Meet The Team

As part of our collaboration with Waterproof, we’ve brought you hot pics and inside info about some of the players on their way to Paris 2018. Each week we revealed a new Waterproofer. You can check out all the players beginning with the first one we highlighted, Sexy Thomas!


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