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Gay Games Paris 2018 – More Waterproof and Watersports

JK continues to follow watersports closely stalking both Waterproof water polo teams as they compete at the Paris Gay Games (Team 1: Competitive, Team 2: Recreational). Today he’s reporting on Team 2’s performance in two games from Wednesday. We also receive hightlights from an exciting game from Team 1 against the Paris Aquatics. Among the weather reports and up-close camera footage, we’ve got pics of thirsty boys in speedos. It’s a tough job covering the 10th Edition of the Gay Games (or Gay Games X as the cool kids say), but someone’s got to do it!

Waterproof Team 2

The recreational team are playing at the Piscine Roger Le Gall swimming pool on Boulevard Carnot in the 20th district. It takes about 40 minutes to get there from the hotel and JK travels with the Wateproof, as they once again brave the Paris Metro in 35℃ (95℉) heat. One of the Waterproofers, Stefan, remarks along the way that Paris is not covered in rainbows and Gay Games posters. If you were not involved in the event, you might not notice it was happening. That said, there’s still a buzz in Paris that can only be from the joy of having 10,000+ athletes visiting from around the world. But a little more promotional material would be nice, to make us feel included.

Team Waterproof in metro station Colonel Fabien

We escape the metro and head to Piscine Roger Le Gall. A lady in the street wishes us well and at the same moment cries out in despair that she cannot use her local pool as the Gay Games have taken it for a week. She is dramatic but also quite friendly and walks some of us to the pool and again wishes us all the best.

The Gay Games security here is a little more relaxed, but our bags are still checked and we do need to pop our shoes into lockers to keep the pool area a shoe fee zone.

The recreational team are kitted out in ROMEO branded white swim caps and orange and black speedos (or togs as we say in Ireland.) The captain gives some instructions and words of encouragement and the team try to relax in the shade until it’s warm up time.

Waterproof chilling in the shade before warm up

Game 1: amsterdam Waterproof vs Edmonton Making Waves

The first game will be against a Canadian team from Edmonton, called Making Waves. They do have a deliciously attractive team member, Robbie, who is tall, broad and speaks with the cutest lisp. He’s been playing water polo for only a few months and says that the gay scene in Edmonton is very small with only one gay bar. He’s happy about joining this team because it’s given him a greater social outlet.

The teams warm up, the time to begin arrives, whistles are blown, a ball is dropped and the game begins. Despite every best effort to pull together and play a great game of water polo, the Waterproof team fails to score a single point the entire game. Edmonton walk away with the win with a final score: Edmonton 9 – Amsterdam 0.

Game 2: amsterdam waterproof vs Brisbane Tritons

Disappointed by their initial loss, the Waterproof guys and girls pull together and focus on their new challenge with the Brisbane Tritons. The sun is high, the heat is up and the fire is real in the minds and stomachs of our water polo team. Jeanette is one of the female teammates, and at a sprightly 65 years of age, she is a true diamond. She’s promised to teach me how to swim in September.

As you may know, water polo is played in 4 rounds and each round is 6 minutes in length.

In the first two rounds, it was point-for-point with both Brisbane and Amsterdam playing their hearts out. Each team scoring points and vying for the lead position. At one point Brisbane is leading. Then Amsterdam comes fighting back to take the lead. It’s exciting and the guys are really pumped. They don’t want the loss already suffered that morning to repeat itself.

Sadly, the tide changes in the last two rounds and Brisbane take and hold the lead. The Waterproof guys keep fighting. They try their best to score another point or two. In the end the result is: Brisbane Tritons 11 – Amsterdam Waterproof 7.

This means the recreational Team 2 are out. But they still have the glorious memory of defeating the London Orcas 9-2 on Tuesday, the thrill of scoring 7 points against Brisbane, and the very special memory of competing in the Gay Games together as a Dutch team in a French heatwave.

Waterproof Team 1

As Team 2 was battling two Commonwealth countries in Piscine Roger Le Gall, Team 1 were hard at play at the Piscine Georges Vallerey. This Olympic pool is around the corner form the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery, final resting place to Oscar Wilde, Jimi Hendrix and a huge number of celebrities, war heroes, and criminals. The cemetery is so beautiful that it’s a very popular tourist attraction. It’s traditional to kiss Oscar Wilde’s grave with a generous helping of red lipstick on your lips, to let the Irish rogue know you still care. But I digress, if Team 2 was unsuccessful, team 1 was very much the opposite. They defeated Atlanta Rainbow Trout 7 – Amsterdam Waterproof 14.

Wouter plays with Team 1 and he tells me the game went like this:

“We were scoring one point after each other. Atlanta were in the lead, then we were, and so on. We were really playing hard and it was a great game. Then in the second half, we just took over and were scoring point after point. In the final quarter, we just scored a few points in a row. It was great!”

I joined the team for their 19:00hr game against Paris Aquatics. The Paris guys are unbelievably fit and super attractive. Their goalie wore speedos with Azerbaijan emblazoned across his perfect rear. I’m here to tell you, I know how to spell Azerbaijan now, without having to consulting a dictionary. I just have to think about his perky butt and the letters spring to memory. Vive la France!

Fresh from a glorious morning victory

Team 2 are pumped and ready for action. The whistle sounds and Waterproof score the first point within two minutes! The roar from the crowd is like the world cup. Roughly 40 supporters made up of other teammates from Team 2, friends and family. They’re cheering their lungs out which adds an exciting atmosphere to the stadium. Bernard (aka The Burn), has made it to Paris to cheer his team along. Freek from Team 2 is dancing in the stalls to show his love for Waterproof.

Back to the Game. Paris Aquatics are struggling to score a point. Waterproof are scoring again and again. Team Paris seem stressed and tense. Wouter has scored so many points and the power of his striking arm is covered in water glowing and glistening in the sunlight.

Paris sneaks a few points in, but Waterproof are the dominant team. The final score: Amsterdam Waterproof 8 – Paris Aquatics 3.

This means that Team 1 will play tomorrow. Unfortunately, Team 2 is out of the tournament.

Paris in the Summer

There are weather warnings that the air is polluted. The metro is traveling at reduced prices to encourage everyone to use public transport and reduce car emissions. The parks are dried out from an extensive heatwave, so they’re officially closed to the public. The leaves on the trees are turning brown and keep landing in my pizza as I eat out at terraces and cafés. It’s so hot in the day time that dogs can only be walked in the evening. Around midnight it is a French pet fashion parade. Despite the brimstone and hellfire weather, the people of Paris are jolly. They take every opportunity to enjoy their summer with friends outside on the River Seine sipping cool beers, or on the streets of Le Marais tasting the juices of the night.

Up Next: The Closing Ceremony!

JK will be back with highlights from the Gay Games, as well as the sure to be spectacular Closing Ceremony.

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