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Gay Games Paris 2018 – Days 2-3: Let the Games Begin!

Roving reporter JK is back after yesterday’s Gay Games Opening Ceremony, and updates us on the excitement from Sunday. In keeping with our water theme, he dives in deep with a play-by-play of the matches between Waterproof, Miami Vice, Toronto Triggerfish, Team New York Aquatics, and Sydney Stingers.  Let The Games Begin!

Gay Games ROMEO Sports Waterproof Water polo Gay

Day 2 – Sunday

After all the hustle and bustle of getting to the games, and then an almost 5 hour long opening ceremony, Sunday for the most part was a day of rest. JK met the Waterproofers for lunch and they later move on to bar/cafe Brussels Beer Project. The Belgium team Mannekenfish, had organized a little pre-game get together for all of the water polo teams. According to JK, the Belgium team held a raffle, and the ticket sellers/teammates were dressed as Mermen with shiny spandex pants. MannekenFish are well known for organizing great parties and this was no exception.

Gay Games ROMEO Sports Waterproof Water polo Gay

Manneken Pis statue in Brussels, Belgium
The name Mannekenfish is a spinoff of the famous Manneken Pis statue in Brussels shown above.

Day 3 – First Official Game Day

Amsterdam Waterproof water polo team have sent, not one but two teams to the Gay Games. The first team are more competitive and hope to make it to the final and win. The second team are called the recreational team. But don’t let that fool you, they take water polo very seriously, and also want to win as much as possible. It’s hard to say which is the better looking team, as they both have a great selection of gorgeous guys.

JK followed the first team yesterday as they played their first two games of the tournament in 31℃ (88℉) heat. The Parisian heatwave has been relentless, and the guys really had to pull it together to stay hydrated, focused and fit. For much of the game time they were playing with the sunlight directly in their eyes. Water polo is a game that is already hugely demanding on physical fitness, the extra challenge of playing with limited vision really put our boys to the test.

Gay Games ROMEO Sports Waterproof Water polo Gay

Game 1 – Waterproof Team 1 vs Miami Vice

As the team are called to the pool, they need to line up and get their accreditation checked by a French official. After which,  they are allowed to enter the pool and begin to warm up. Amsterdam Waterproof were rested, present, and ready to play a great game. Miami Vice traveled a long way to attend the Paris Gay Games, and they were pretty excited. Diego from Miami Vice was convinced his team would crush Waterproof with little effort; he’d later go on to eat his words.

As the whistle sounded, the teams lined up behind the goals on each side of the pool. The referee stood at the mid point, raised the ball high, blew his whistle one more time, and dropped the ball into the water. Both teams exploded into a mad splash for the ball. The first swimmer to get the ball takes possession and advantage.

The game was mesmerizing! So many excellent goals were scored for both teams; a great show of communication and control by Waterproof. Miami Vice were short on substitutions and many of their swimmers had to play the entire game in blistering heat of Paris sunshine. Miami Vice had a truly impressive goalie, she was fearless and deflected so many amazing and powerful attempts by Waterproof to score. She used every inch of her body to defend. Ultimately, Amsterdam Waterproof were victorious with an impressive win: Amsterdam 9 – Miami Vice 3. If it hadn’t been for the talented Miami goalie, the score could have been much higher for Waterproof. Check out Miami Vice’s moves in their sizzling hot video, it’s guaranteed to make you wet!

Team Miami Vice hit the showers Gay Games
Team Miami Vice hit the showers

Game 2 – Waterproof Team 1 vs Toronto Triggerfish

It must be said the secret weapon of the Waterproof team is their coach, Renia. She has grace, dignity, poise and knows how to speak to the team with respect and encouragement. As Waterproof prepped to go up against the Toronto Triggerfish, you could tell nerves were a bit rattled on the Dutch team. The coach took them to one side and gave a pep talk, assuring everyone they had already secured a good result in their first game, and to now focus on the game in hand.

Again both teams were checked by French officials, balls were dropped, whistles were sounded, and mad dashes were made for the ball.

But this game was very different. Both teams are hoping to win and both have a lot of skill and experience. The Triggerfish goalie shouts commands and numbers from his position when his team is in possession and advancing on the Waterproof goal area. This tactic means, Triggerfish are already used to being directed while in play, which you can tell really helps them to organize. Their goalie has a booming theater voice and can be easily heard over the loud echoing in the stadium.

Both teams were physically fit, and watching them swim up against each other was muscle, water and brawn – shoulders to shoulder – it was like a dance and a show of perfect physical fitness.

Goals were scored, opportunities lost, hearts broken, and ultimately Waterproof conceded a loss to the mighty Triggerfish: Amsterdam 4 – Toronto 5. A close one, and still an impressive result for the Dutch guys as they really gave Toronto a run for their money.

Game 3 – Waterproof Team 2 vs Team New York Aquatics

The recreational team also played two games yesterday. In the first game they went up against Team New York Aquatics and sadly Amsterdam two lost with a final score of: Waterproof 3 – Aquatics 5.

Team 2 Gay Games ROMEO Sports Waterproof Water polo Gay

Game 4 – Waterproof Team 2 vs Sydney Stingers

Later that day they played the Sydney Stingers, but again were unsuccessful in their bid, coming in with a final score of: Amsterdam 2 –  Sydney 3.

Gay Games ROMEO Sports Waterproof Water polo Gay

The Atmosphere

All of Paris is in love with the gay games, parties are organized across the city. Last night as the sun set on the River Seine, rainbow flags and glitter kissed the night sky. Le Marais, the gay center of Paris, is always a lively spot, but this week it is also packed with athletes and sportspeople from around the world. Bars and clubs welcome the tourists with smiling faces and the locals have remarked more than once that it is so unique to see the people of Paris smiling. That is the magic of the Gay Games, visibility and equality generates a community feeling of love.

Meet the Players

Thomas Waterproof ROMEO Meet The Team

As part of our collaboration with Waterproof, we’ve brought you hot pics and inside info about some of the players on their way to Paris 2018. Each week we revealed a new Waterproofer. You can check out all the players beginning with the first one we highlighted, Sexy Thomas!


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