François Sagat – Interview

François Sagat is one of the most iconic porn actors working today. He decided to retire from adult movies four years ago, but has now reversed that decision. In honor of François’ return to pornography, we sent a tweet out, asking our Romeos what they wanted to know from the French film actor, model, and director.

Who in your opinion, is the most attractive man of all time?

I see amazing specimens everyday in the street, etc. That couldn’t be limited to one human being. No one famous really. I love Creature from the Black Lagoon or Swamp Thing. Lol. Frankly, there’s no answer. I’m lucky I met amazing people already, mentally as well as physically.

Where do you take your inspiration from?

You’re always inspired by what exists already…no one is inventing anything. I’m passionate about 80’s horror and fantasy. Not to say that the past was better than now, but I think the 80’s are a big source of inspiration (in terms of fashion, photography, cinema, architecture, and art,) that you could re-invent over and over again. I guess what we remember of the 80’s is just the good angles. I was 5 years old in 1985, the perception I have now is maybe better than the reality then. I think ugliness, cheesiness and bad taste can be very inspiring.

Talk to us about your relationship with fashion?

I went to fashion school at 18, but it doesn’t mean I have the skills or the knowledge of fashion. Lol. I’m a big admirer of Karl Lagerfeld’s statements and Helmut Newton’s universe, though.

I’m really far from it (fashion) and yet very familiar to it. I just don’t really care about every designer nowadays, but I care more about the general vision of the present moment. Before was ‘the era of the designers’ – now the focus is on just styles or prototypes that could bring a trend and that anyone would be influenced by; like a ‘special pack’ for every season. I’m not fascinated by brands today, nor designers. I don’t really look at fashion in detail.

Tell us a little bit about your gym and nutrition schedule?

Hey hey!! After turning 35, I realized that my body didn’t react the same way to food and sleep. It’s getting harder to keep it up and more challenging to conserve abs and tone. I have changed some habits, like skipping sugar, no more soda or, a Coke Zero once in a while. Spring water everyday, almond milk, veggy steak and definitely less fish or pasta. I’m definitely not a vegan, but I still feel concerned with how to sort each meal. I try to go at least 4 times a week to the gym, and more if I can. I’m less ‘performing’ in my work-out, but just maintaining it; depends on how busy I am.

Tell us more about your tattoos?

I think my head tattoo was a great choice and looks better now after 14 years since I’ve done it (2003), because it’s fading away and remains more discreet and blended, so I’m more happy now. It’s purely aesthetics and has no specific meaning. It’s just a coverage.

For the rest of the tattoos I think they’re all dumb and not really serious. They stick to a period and sometimes I feel they’re not necessary, but I will get more, it goes with the futility of our times. That’s alright!

I guess I’m a perpetual mutation.

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