A lot of things have changed since the introduction of online dating, don’t you think? No longer the need to dress yourself up, go to a gay club and scan all the guys on the dance floor. Or, waste buckets of money on cheap wine in order to gather some “liquid courage” before you can approach that cutie.

Our Romeos “cruise” different these days: at home in your sweat pants on your tablet, during a working day in between meetings using our App, or even just minutes after you wake up (what you’re wearing? You know best 😉 ). Checking profiles is possible whenever, wherever, as long as you have an internet connection. There’s one thing that didn’t change: you have to take action yourself to start a conversation with your “project”.


Icebreakers online and offline are equally important. You never get a second chance to make a first impression! If you only had that endless list of suitable pick up lines… That’s why we invented footprints: an easy way to let the other guy know you’re interested and what you’re up to. Flirt by sending footprints like “Gorgeous face” or “Great smile”, or cut right to the chase and give that hunk a “Wanna have sex?” footprint. For almost every situation there’s a footprint that fits. We have 41 standard footprints and 31  to celebrate special events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Take a look at our wide range, on our website or in the App.

Be generous with giving footprints. It’s not only effective while taking your first steps towards an actual date, but most Romeos simply love getting them. Especially, because a high number of footprints can get them in the home page ranking. And be honest, wouldn’t you like to be in the spotlight in the user section of because of your “Hot Butt” or your “Sexiness”?


Give generously and you’ll receive it back. Easy as that! And about giving footprints, we really would like to know what your favorite one is? Which one do you use the most? Let us know! Please leave a comment below.

Roy – Social Media Officer