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Folsom is a BDSM leather and fetish street party. It started in San Francisco in 1984 and takes its name from the street where it’s held.

Folsom Europe was started in 2003, and while it actually takes place in the Schöneberg district in Berlin, it’s still called Folsom, to tie the two events together in name, and concept.

Boy Bound and Gagged on knees at Folsom Europe Berlin

Fame and Money

Folsom is a non-profit and raises money for projects and incentives that they believe in. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence raise money at the entrances to the street fair in Berlin.

Folsom shot to fame and notoriety, as it is inclusive, and wants to debunk shame around sex play and kinky pursuits. So, while gay men wear leather chaps and bear their butt cheeks in the bright light of day, heterosexual families also pass by to browse the leather stalls.


Folsom Europe is now established as an annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair, held in September in Berlin, Germany. This year it’s on from September 5th to 9th and will be celebrating its 15th year in Europe.

Today, Folsom is the most significant gay fetish event in Europe, together with Berlin Leder und Fetisch (BLF) Easter in Berlin. The main area for the two fetish festivals is in Schöneberg in the area between Martin-Luther-Straße and Ansbacher Straße.


Growth and Etiquette

Each year Folsom Europe is getting bigger, and this year it’s expected to be bigger than ever. Most of the visitors are gay, but all sexualities are welcome. There’s definitely a naughty atmosphere in Schöneberg on this kinky weekend, but actual sex acts or full-frontal dick exposure is forbidden. Take that kinda show indoors to Prinzknecht, which has a considerable sized sex play dungeon, or to any of the several sex venues and cruise bars in the area. 



There will be an official stage set up on Welserstraße from 14hr to 21hr on Saturday, where you can witness a wide selection of performances and discussions, from a panel of psychologists discussing sex, healing, and addiction, to fetish comedy, and even a drag show.

Official Parties

When the festival wraps up around 22hr, you can spend the night at one of the official kinky parties like Revolver, PiG, Dungeon Party and Classic Meets Fetish. Our Social Media Officer, Joseph, has been to Folsom once or twice and has always enjoyed the cruise bar scene more than the official parties. But hey, if you go to Berlin, how can you not go to a party called PiG, right?

FOLSOM EUROPE Pig Party poster

Folsom the organization

The organization behind Folsom Europe, has always been committed to a tolerant, open-minded, and free way of life. In doing so, they collect money from visitors at the entrances and use this money to make donations on our behalf.

As a result, several hundred thousand euros have been raised over the last few years. The association has distributed this money as donations to many projects and associations that support BDSM and safer sex, both in Germany and abroad.

Alain Rappsilber, from Folsom, has a special request this year and it’s a call out to fetish lovers across Europe.

“To be able to do this again this year, as well as in the future, we will continue to collect money at the entrances to our street festival and hope that you will continue to support us.”

“But we would like to ask you for another favor: we are looking for worthy projects across Europe that we can support in the future. In our diverse and so wonderfully colorful community, we believe that there is nothing more important than social cohesion and solidarity.”

“Our donations should be used for HIV prevention, education, and support. We are looking forward to receiving many suggestions from you as well as applications from associations, groups or projects from all over Europe.”

To apply for funding contact Folsom directly

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