Filter it out

Filter it out

I’m sure you’ve already downloaded the latest version of the ROMEO App. And if you haven’t, you should. It’s always a good idea to update before the weekend so you have the most up to date features ready to go. This weekend I plan to search for guys without hair because last week I was into warm and fuzzy guys (if you get my meaning). A change is good, and like many of my friends, I don’t really have a type. My tastes are diverse and can change depending on my mood.

Filter it out

Filter Options

I like ROMEO PLUS so much because it allows you to choose filters   to help you find exactly what you’re in the mood for. Last week I wanted beards, bears and hairy beasts. This week I’m in the mood for a smoother ride. 😉 So, under ‘Body hair’ I deselect ‘Very hairy’ and choose ‘Smooth.’ Last week was about the hair and not necessarily the body type. This week, I’m looking for a smooth and athletic body. And, I select the ‘Athletic’ filter option under the ‘Body’ heading.

Filter Perfect Match

But that’s not all. My fantasy is not complete. I want a non-smoker this week. Something about bears and smoke worked for me last week, but I don’t like the combination with sporty guys. I also love a man in a tux or a uniform. And finally, I want him to be bald because I don’t want to bury my face in hair this week. Now I’m ready for my weekend to begin and to be filled with mouth-watering delight. What are you waiting for? Use the filters   on ROMEO PLUS right now to find your perfect match.


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