Eurovision 2021, let’s compare results!

We all need some rest and recuperation after that wild week of music! BUT before Eurovision 2021 ends, we have another, perhaps even more important form of R&R; ROMEO’s results versus the rest of the world! Who runs the world? ROMEOs do.

ROMEO’s winner: Germany
Rest Of The World’s winner: Italy

Our global winners Måneskin!

This year the stage has been blessed, and battled by countries using their fabulous skills to win the iconic Eurovision glass microphone trophy.

The world voted for the head banging Italian Gods; Måneskin. And for us, Måneskin were definitely some Men showing us Skin! We are obsessed with their outfits and the strong beat, as well as their mantra “rock and roll never dies”. Italy won our second vote! Head banging, fire raging, yes. flares, yes. Tongue out, yes. Overall, it was a great performance. But let’s be honest, aside from the crush we all had on Italy’s lead singer, this was not enough to excite our ROMEOs. We crave more colour, more excitement and less ‘hate’…

And the ROMEO winner is… Jendrik Sigwart, Germany!

Your number one, Jendrik just does not feel hate! We love his charismatic charm and high energy! Let’s not forget his cute face too. Jendrik had the whole lot; the glittered ukulele, the pink suit and that show-stopping smile. Although Germany’s Jendrik did not make it to the worldwide podium, he ‘does not feel hate’, ‘he just feels sorry’. He feels sorry for the global voters who didn’t understand the real glitz and glamour of Eurovision like our ROMEOs did! He feels sorry because, let’s be honest, it’s the ROMEO results that REALLY matter.

Italy, France and Switzerland shared the winning vote for ROMEOs and the world. France’s performance was emotive, we were all in the room. Voilà, yes we were here, and they won the majority of the world AND Romeo results. Congratulations. On the other hand, the Swiss, Gjon’s Tears, was not only CUTE, but also managed to pull a heart string, or two. He sang about how to get back up again after life blows you down – something I’m sure we can all relate to this year. However, what won our votes was also his fabulous twinkling shirt and light performance!

Gjon’s Tears; the Swiss success!

The question is, what REALLY pushes the winner to the finish line? Clothing? Song? Performance? Or is it a combination of all 3! All good things come in threes, right… Although we have compared our winners, It’s important for us to shine a light on some fabulous moments of this year’s Eurovision.

Malta, in 8th place by our ROMEOs and 7th by the Rest Of The World, stole the stage! As stated by our ROMEO user, ‘Malta wel cool!’. She is oozing feminism and slaying with confidence; Destiny’s clothing, song and performance equals a three tick strike for us. We love you Destiny!

Destiny, Malta 2021

Let’s not forget the yellow disco; Discotheque who won 8th position at ROMEO and 18th position in the world, you got us all up on our feet dancing to that synth beat! The yellow suit was one thing, but the dance routine was too much, contagious would be an understatement. It’s another three strikes for us! Speaking of dance routines, Iceland won our vote for that! One of our users said, ‘I need to learn those Iceland choreography’. And we couldn’t agree more.

Regardless of who won and for what reasons, this year was one big party!

Thank you ROMEOs for taking part in our voting room and chat system,

Your ROMEO team


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