Krystella’s Inbox – Erectile Dysfunction

This time the all-knowing, wise woman of our tribe, Krystella, is advising on how to manage erectile dysfunction (ED) with honesty, clear communication and a lot of love. Lady K loves to strike directly at the root of every problem so get ready to hear the whole truth and then when the ‘shock’ has passed you should start to feel good about yourself. 

Krystella receives a lot of enquiries about love, career and money, and  we select questions to reflect that. Many of Krystella’s responses can be offensive; others may apply to you.


Erectile Dysfunction

Hi Krystella,

My name is Benjamin from Katmandu. I have had a lot of sex in the past three years. As a top, I prefer anal sex and BDSM also. But now I am a bit frightened because I am suffering from an erectile disorder. Once erect, my penis quickly becomes flaccid after 5-10 minutes. I am too tense during sex, and that affects my behavior towards my partner. Can you advise me on some yoga techniques and herbal foods that can use to solve my problem?



My Dearest Benjamin,

I don’t know of any foods that might help. And the best yoga technique for something like this is simply meditation because you mostly need to relax. That helps a lot.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is something that affects millions of men across the world. Some studies show that many men experience ED as they age, but it’s not always related to aging. Negative stress is a major factor in whether or not a man can maintain an erection. If you can identify the cause of your ED then with the right treatment it will go away.

What I want to point out is that often the problem is not between your legs but between your ears. What’s on your mind when you’re having sex or being intimate with someone, can affect how your body behaves. Sex is not a one-man show; it’s a form of communication between two people.
Some people like to be aggressive and forceful; others like it soft and vanilla. Whatever flavor you prefer, vanilla or chunky monkey chocolate, it’s all similar to talking. Each thrust, stroke, kiss, lick, and moan says something to your partner. Just remember the rougher you are, the louder you “speak.” And, sometimes an intimate, gentle conversation during sex will be more rewarding than swinging from the ceiling fans.

Thoughts like stress and anxiety affect how your brain signals your body’s response. The physical reaction results in blood flowing to other parts of your body, leaving you with a wobbly willy. But, don’t worry about it too much or it might become a vicious viscose circle of anxiety and nervousness that prolongs ED.

Psychological ED more commonly occurs among younger men and is usually short-lived. Personal and professional stress is the main reason for ED in middle-aged men. In older men, the loss of a partner and loneliness can also cause mental stress resulting in ED. Once your salad is washed and feeling good you can put it on the menu.

Whatever the cause of your ED, if it doesn’t go away naturally and on its own, consult a medical professional. They may be able to help you figure out why Mr. Willy won’t stand up. At any rate, with an understanding partner, you can still enjoy intimacy without a hard-on. Or just use it as a pencil holder.

Be good to yourself,


Lady K.

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