Eat Gay Love: The Full Menu

We reached out to three married couples to ask about their relationships. How did they meet? What keeps them together? And just for fun, we asked them to provide recipes to create a three-course meal for you to enjoy. Whether you’re eat with your lover, your friends or your family, food and love are universal. We have gathered together the full three courses here.



“I think Love is a very powerful feeling, but for me it is also a choice. Besides what I feel, I also choose to be with Tony. Everyday I make that choice again. And everyday I fall in love again.” Dennis

Eat Gay Love The Full Menu Part 1

Eat Gay Love: Part 1 – Dennis and Tony



Main Course

“Love is never having to say you’re sorry. For me, that means that I don’t do things intentionally to hurt Carsten.” – Kerry

Eat Gay Love: Dennis & Tony - Figs and Mozzarella

Eat Gay Love: Part 2 – Kerry and Carsten




“Love has to be what you want it to be ultimately. You can’t buy into the traditional ideal of it. Love for us is knowing that someone you trust implicitly has your back. Someone who will go the end of the earth with you and someone who can see you at your worst and still want to be with you. It’s also the feeling you get when you see his cheeky smile from across the room and when his eyes meet yours. It’s knowing that no matter what is happening when those arms get wrapped around you, you are safe and secure. ” – Simon & Elliott

Eat Gay Love The Full Menu Dessert

Eat Gay Love: Part 3 – Elliott and Simon


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