Easter EGG-strava-ganza

Our Easter EGGstravaganza was a phenomenal success. We had entries from all around the world and from every possible type, size, and shape of Romeo. The love was epic, we felt it, and we return it to you too. Not everyone can be a winner, and with so many EGGcellent candidates we just had to share some of the top runners-up here with all of you – plus, a few honorable mentions too. Behold the Easter EGGstravaganza preliminary results.

Honorable Mention

It’s the first time PLANETROMEO has organized an Easter EGGstravaganza, and we were blown away by the creativity and awesome standards of the applicants. So much so, we created an intermediate category for those who were super close to winning, but were ruled out, by our super strict panel of judges.

So, here’s a collection of great 7 entries crushed by pesky ‘RULES.’ Geez, you guys tried so hard but our fierce judges would not be swayed. Imagine how awesome the actual winners are gonna be! #SCREAM

If you wanna make a man, you gotta break some eggs.


Statuesque male with nest of EGGs.


EGGs Factor Realness


Rainbow EGG, Bunny, Puppy, Happiness!


That EGG could sting.


Classy EGG.
Butt Bunnies dont hatch!

Runners Up

These entries had the heart and soul of our Easter EGGstravaganza, but the competition was high, and sadly they didn’t make the final. Kudos to all of you for the effort and you might see yourself popping up on our social media channels for being great contenders. These awesome pics are from our runners-up.

Cute boy, huge EGG!
Pert Smiley EGG.
Intense EGGface
Pizazz and perhaps Pizza EGG!
Teeny Tiny EGG!
An EGG of beauty.
Is that EGG giving you shade!
EGGrenade, save the chickens!


Worlds cutest Easter bunny.

Easter EGGstravaganza Winners

The Winners will be revealed on Easter Sunday. Thanks again to everyone who took part and look out for those EGGciting EGG Champions on Sunday.

Much Love,



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