Easter EGG-strava-ganza

The Winners

Announcing the 1st ever winners of the PLANETROMEO Easter EGGstravaganza. The standards were super high, you all made a huge effort and we appreciate it. Every lick of paint, every dyed feather, every glued rhinestone, and oh my god all that glitter, was not in vain, you guys were outrageous and fierce. Thank you, THANK YOU. We have selected three overall winners, and we reveal them in all their glorious EGGstacy right here.

Disco EGG

This is an EGGsample of beauty and talent, the paint, the lighting, his chest, we can’t even! This picture is EGGhilarating and makes it one of our winners! We still are not sure where the goo on his hands came from, but it’s going to be a Happy Easter at his place. EGGcellent.

Lady Bunny EGG Dancer

Style, class, sass and that bunny mask. Here we have EGGcellence and glamour in a photo that nails our competition and makes for another EGGspirational winner. EGG class A1.

Fierce EGG Bosom

One of the most creative entries to our Easter EGGstravaganza, this gender defying masc femme beauty has got EGGs all over his/her chest and a face built into beauty. Lips, eyes, tits, EGGsplode.

 Bonus shots of the winners

 The Prizes

With all this cheer and merriment you may be left wondering, apart from looking phenomenal what did anyone actually win?

Our three winners each receive a year’s PLANETROMEO PLUS membership, a t-shirt and our love.

The Honorable mentions will each receive three months PLANETROMEO PLUS and a t-shirt and our love.

The Runners up all get one-month free PLANETROMEO PLUS and yes, a t-shirt for each of you too, and of course, all of our eternal love.

Curious to see the EGGcellent entries in our runner-up section?


PLANETROMEO will be in touch with each of you individually and Thanks again for being EGGstremely EGGcellent participants.

If you have a story to share, please send an email to

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