Easter Berlin Leather Fetish Week BLF

Easter Berlin BLF

Leather Fetish Week

April 17th – 22nd

The Berlin Leather and Fetish Week is the largest leather, rubber, skinhead, uniform, sportswear, puppy, and fetish lovers’ meeting in Europe. It’s also known as Easter Berlin or BLF. Due to its popularity, the city is full of sexy tourists. Even bars and clubs not directly linked to the festival will be busy with men looking to ‘connect.’

The fetish week is organized by BLF members and their true passion for kink makes the whole festival more authentic. Events have been tailored to cater to a wide range of fetish tastes appealing to all age groups; with puppy parties, fetish brunches, pig parties, and more.

Easter Berlin Leather Fetish Week BLF

Four Parties to check out

There’s so much to see and do, but we recommend checking out one of these four: The Rubber Lust Party in Scheune, Pig Party (2) in Connection, the official Leather Dinner at Frida and Diegos, and the Mega Slut Party at New Action.

Easter Berlin Leather Fetish Week BLF

INFO Point

There is so much happening at this massive kink event that they have provided an info point. Located in front of the CONNECTION (next to Prinzknecht) you will find BLF members ready and waiting to provide you with information about the cram-packed schedule.

In addition to general information about the BLF leather and fetish program, you will find maps of Gay Berlin as well as the BVG public transportation map at this official Info Point.

Cheap Tickets

You can also take advantage of the opportunity to purchase advance sale tickets at the Info Point for a reduced price. They have tickets to all the official events, such as the Fetish Dinner, or the Party Fetish Boat. Perhaps, just stop by to say, “Hello.” The fetish community is famously friendly and the volunteers will make you feel welcome.

Easter Berlin Leather Fetish Week BLF

Other Kinds of Kink

Other kinky events happening this weekend include the Fetish Flea Market, where you can stock up on fetish wear, and by coincidence, SNAX is a huge sex party at Berghain on the same weekend, but is not an official event on the BLF agenda.

Fetish Filters

If you’re into kink and want to hook up with other fetish fans on ROMEO, you can always do a specific search using #search, or just search with the standard filters. For more details on how to find your Mr. Spit, Piss Prince, or whatever you happen to be in the mood for, check out our other blog post, Filter It Out.

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