Discovering GROUPS - Holland Men Camp

Discovering GROUPS –

Holland Men Camp

Discovering GROUPS, is our new series on the Blog to highlight the GROUPS feature. There are literally thousands of groups on ROMEO made up of like-minded people who want to chat about their hobbies and passions. We have groups for everything from fashion to music, from politics to sex, and more. You can apply to join a group or set one up yourself.

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Discovering GROUPS - Holland Men Camp

Holland Men Camp

The first group to highlight is Holland Men Camp, a man-only full-service campsite in The Netherlands, about 25 km south of Amsterdam. This clothing optional campsite set up a GROUP on ROMEO back in 2015. The founders, Peter and Wim, speak to us now about how GROUPS has helped them to grow their business and their nude friendly community.

Hello Guys, Thanks for talking to us. How do you use GROUPS?

‘Hello ROMEO, GROUPS is, for us and our campers, the main way to keep in touch and publish new pictures. The advantage of GROUPS is that not only can you post regular camping pictures, but it’s also possible to publish nude ones. We also can help the campers with finding their way to gay nude beaches. Campers can ask questions, and anyone in the group can answer. We send a newsletter with relevant information once a month.’

When did you create your GROUP?

‘We set it up right from the start of the campsite in 2015. We now have 564 members. We and our members also post pictures of nice moments and relevant info. We answer the questions they have, but members can also give answers.’


What is your favorite part about using GROUPS?

‘Our favorite part is the welcoming of new members. Often, they have questions about camping and the group itself. Expectations can get carried away in wild directions, and it is always a challenge to build the trust need to encourage men to try to go camping – often the first time since their youth.’

Final words?
‘We find it important to create an atmosphere where every man can easily get to know each other. So, we have a coffee break in the morning, where most of the guests join and have a lot of fun. Also, in the evening we make coffee and tea, which is the start of a cozy or festive evening. Every weekend we have a theme to have even more fun.’

Friendly greetings,

Peter & Wim

Discovering GROUPS - Holland Men Camp

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