David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO

David and Claudio – SEXSHOOTERS Part Two

Continuing our in-depth conversation with David and Claudio aka SEXSHOOTERS. If you didn’t read part one, check it out now!

David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO

Mission Control

What do you want to say with your brand? What’s the core of your story? Do you have a mission?

C: “Musically speaking we are constantly evolving and changing our sound to bring (in our opinion) something familiar but fresh and new. There’s no point in DJ’s all presenting the same package and playing the same generic sound of pop remixes and cliché cover versions at every party. Music is a personal experience, and it’s all about sharing your point of view through the music you choose to produce and play, and we always admire the DJ/Producers that have a loud, clear and unique perspective.”

D: “Personally speaking, we do not try to present ourselves in any particular way, either brand wise or personally. Our press images, our Instagram feed, anything we choose to put out there is literally just a representation of us at that moment; things we see beauty in and things we take inspiration from, etc. What’s most important to us is that in whatever we do, we do it with authenticity. You either like us, or you don’t, we have no interest in confirming, or being like someone else in order to potentially succeed more.”

David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO


What’s your position on drugs in the gay community and on the club scene?

D: “UGHHH! This question. Everybody in the scene is well aware what drugs are doing to our nightlife. All too often we hear ‘So and so has dropped he’ll be back for more later!’ But this shouldn’t be accepted as a normal and humorous part of a night out.”

C: “Every time someone dies of an overdose (presumably G) another club closes down, and people get on the bandwagon of accusing the venue of negligence. The reality is that clubbers need to grow the fuck up and realize that there is no ‘magic dosage formula’ to avoid dying and that they are personally responsible for killing themselves and more importantly killing clubbing as a whole.”

D: “We also know that nightlife goes hand in hand with drug use. BUT if we want places to continue to be open for us to go and party at, then maybe we should make better choices. Perhaps buy a drink so the venue can actually stay open, instead of taking the cheap, dirty option all the time… Especially, if you asked to be on the free guest list – lol.”

David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO

Slut Shaming

How do you feel about slut shaming?

D: “I love sluts!”

C: “There’s no shame in enjoying sex. Fuck as much as you can as often as you can. One day you’re going to be dead, so make good choices, get all you can and don’t judge others who are fortunate enough to have more sex than you – lol.”

David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO


Do you consider yourself to be masc, femme, or a bit of both?

C: “Labels can fuck off. Not interested. We are David & Claudio aka SEXSHOOTERS. If anyone wants to know what we are like, then come and have a chat with us.”

D: “We are a couple of guys who love each other, work hard, and have personalities that could incorporate any/all of the characteristics/stereotypes that gays use so often, so it would be pointless and boring to have to use a label.”

David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO

Toxic Masculinity

If you see masc4masc on a profile, what’s your first reaction?


David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO

David and Claudio Brand

Do you think your brand sends out a message to young gay men that if they are not buff, they are somehow less important?

C: “There is a TON of pressure for gays, in general, to look a certain way these days. It’s sad that so many conversations are focused on size, weight, measurements and steroid courses. We aren’t perfect, we try our best to focus on what’s important and hopefully this is represented in everything we put out there in the world. As a community we need some perspective, and gay men in general (not just young ones), should limit being influenced by social media ‘fitness models’ brandishing their protein shakes and unobtainable ‘natural’ physiques. EveryBODY is different, and that’s OK!”

David (left) and (Claudio) right SEXSHOOTERS ROMEO DJ Music PLANETROMEO GAYROMEO

Parting Kiss

Anything you’d care to add?

D: “Ohhhhhh now that you ask, there are a few things!”
C: “Be kind.”
D: “Be honest.”
C: “Don’t wear fur.”
D: “Don’t ignore people.”
C: “Be on time.”
D: “Be yourself.”
C: “And remember, you’re not a ‘social influencer,’ you’re just a dickhead with an iPhone.”

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