Cover Model – Matthias Panitz

Matthias Panitz is an out and proud gay man living in Berlin. He’s the current cover model for Spartacus International Gay Guide and has been associated with major brands like Absolute Vodka. His sexuality is no secret and his Instagram account documents an inspirational and honest life. Mixing art with adventure and activism, Matthias was someone we just had to speak to.

Life in Berlin

“I’ve been living in Berlin for almost nine years now and I still love this city. Berlin will always be my home base, but it’s also good to escape the bubble from time to time. Some people tend to get lost in parties and drugs, because Berlin has probably the best nightlife in the world. It’s tempting to lose track.”

“The queer scene here is big, a lot of LGBTIQ* activism is happening, art and history is everywhere. And people can still afford to live in this city compared to other metropolises like London or Paris, even though it’s also changing here but slowly.”

Are you an activist?

‘I would say yes. But I would call it more a human rights activist. Not only gay topics are important, also women’s rights, the black lives matter movement and so on. We all should work together against a homophobic, racist and sexist supremacy – especially nowadays. We are here, we are queer; we are fabulous, don’t fuck with us.’

Gay Labels

Twink, Twonk, Twank? I don’t believe in labels. Sometimes I am a Jock and sometimes I am the biggest Show Queen. I am what I am and it’s changing all the time. The gay verbiage is often shallow, especially when it comes to the masc-fem spectrum. Label yourself if you want to, but some of us just don’t fit in.


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