Colby Keller – Doin’ It His Way

Colby Does America is an ongoing project, led by the artist and adult film star, Colby Keller. This charming filmographer seeks to make ‘artporn’ in every state across the US. The project will shoot porn in sexy states like L.A. and New York, but it will also bring porn production to the sleepier states – where gay sex on film may have never been before. The project has already seen huge success with 34 completed scenes to date. PLANETROMEO took the opportunity to catch up with Colby and chat about his ongoing projects in life, art, and porn.

The Interview


When did you decide to go into porn?

“I was working two jobs in Houston and still not making enough money to make ends meet. I applied on a whim and was actually surprised that I was asked to perform. My first performance was back in 2004.”

Do you identify as a sex worker, a performance artist or something else?

“I am by nature, an artist.  I have always been compelled to create.  I identify as a sex worker because I make money doing professional porn and I enjoy that work.”



How did you start finding volunteers to participate in the Colby Does America project?

“Originally, we attempted to recruit actors via social media before visiting the states. While this worked in a couple of instances, I actually found it easier to go to the states and find people through apps like PLANETROMEO or to travel to a state with friends who were willing to participate.”

Is the sex part always ‘work’ or do you sometimes connect with the other guy and start to feel like you’re making love?

“I think it’s impossible to have sex in front of a camera without being aware that you’re performing sex for others, even if you do have a good physical or romantic connection with your partner.  At most times there is a mixture of work and play and the amount of either usually depends on everything from my own mood to the connection I have with the scene partner and even our relationship with the crew.”



Would you say you combine porn and art, or do you make the art elements of porn more significant?

“That’s what I like about Colby Does America.  The tension between art and porn is similar to the tension between work and play of a good porn scene.  Some scenes are clearly more artful based on the footage and the edit created by the editors. Other scenes are decidedly more pornographic, dependent on what the editor does with the footage provided to them.”

When do you think Colby Does America will be complete and where can we see it?

“There are currently 34 videos available now at  We just added Colby Does Missouri recently.  Because the editorial work is coming from a phenomenal set of volunteer artists, we haven’t put an exact time frame on its completion. Also, because everyone is encouraged to participate, I don’t see an end point.  Editors can make different videos for the same states using the same footage.  Ideally, we would continue to see new edits for years into the future if people were interested in adding their stamp to the creative process!”


What’s next on your agenda, ‘Colby Does South America’ or something completely different?

“Yes, another ‘Colby Does’ project would be amazing.  I was fortunate to work with an editor in Israel when I was there for a film festival in Tel Aviv, and we made a Colby Does Israel video. I’d love to do other parts of the world at some point in the future.  Maybe ‘Colby Does Brasil’ or ‘Colby Does Spain’, next? I’m also very excited to be part of a project called Mapping the Void where I’ll be joining a team of artists to document a slice of American life, from a wax museum in Maryland to the Eiffel Tower in Vegas.”

Colby has a healthy approach to sex, a passion for art, and an excellent sense of humor. Other career highlights that have caught the eye of PLANETROMEO include the Penis Hugging Paper Colby (above) and that time he was made into a Merman (below). We’ll keep an eye on his career and keep you up to date on his next project of passion, sex , love or humor.


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