The PLANETROMEO Christmas Survival Guide

PLANETROMEO has created the Christmas survival guide to help you glide through this festive season with swagger. So take it easy Romeos, we got this.


Food is everywhere at Christmas, and it’s often packed with sugar or carbs. You can and should indulge a little, but having these handy snacks in your kitchen for December can help you to keep a balance, between naughty and nice.

Healthy Snacks

   Oatmeal with cinnamon and honey for breakfast

   Turkey slices with avocado and Swiss cheese for lunch

   Hummus and brown bread as a general snack

   Popcorn or trail mix in the evening

Keep these essential ‘treats’ well stocked, and you are already one step closer to surviving Christmas without turning into Jabba the Hutt by January.

Movies & TV

Next, let’s talk about the boredom factor. For many of us two days with your relatives can lead to epic bouts of ‘MEH’. Plan ahead, select your favorite movies or TV shows and download before you head home for the holidays. That way you won’t be left hanging if the Wi-Fi’s out at Grandma’s or wherever you plan to spend Christmas.  

Here’s a few movies and TV shows we recommend:

 C.R.A.Z.Y. (French Canadian)

CRAZY is a 2-hour saga about the life and times of Zachary and his family. He was born on Christmas day and grows up to be a pretty awesome gay guy. The movie has an impressive soundtrack featuring an eclectic selection from Bowie to Patsy Cline.

Looking by HBO

A group of 3 BFF’s living in San Francisco explore gay life. A waiter, a gamer, and an artistic assistant all look for love and fulfilment in the Bay Area. The extremely hunky Russell Tovey also joins the already handsome cast. The series only ran for two seasons so you can cram it all into your holiday schedule.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

This show is weird, wonderful and sometimes ridiculous. If you haven’t already sampled the comic genius of Kimmy Schmidt, Christmas is an excellent time to binge watch both seasons. The stand out character has to be Titus Andromedon, Kimmy’s gay housemate, and bitter best friend. Watch it, love it, and survive Christmas in giggles.


We have your snacks covered, your television viewing selected, and now for that final part of the Christmas Survival Guide: What to get at the very last minute?

Here are our “top” to “bottom” last minute gifts to show you care.

 The Velvet Rage (Book)

Written by clinical psychologist Alan Downs, this is a gift for the guy in your life who wants to understand himself better. Drawing on the author’s own journey to be free of anger and shame, as well as the stories of many of his friends and clients. The Velvet Rage outlines the three distinct stages to emotional well-being for gay men.

The gift of slip & grip

Something everyone can appreciate – lube, and while you’re at it throw in a cock ring. Festive cheer is a powerful aphrodisiac so don’t get caught out unprepared. Pick up a nice bottle of lube for yourself and grab a few for your buddies.

Beard trimmer

If you know someone with a furry face, get him or her a trimmer to tame that shaggy beast for the New Year. Trimmers are affordable and highly appropriate as a stocking stuffer.

There you have it; Christmas made easy.

Happy Holidays Romeos.

Much Love,