Younger for Older

Younger men often end up with older guys, and it can be a perfect fit. In this blog post, we explore why younger men are drawn to older guys.

ROMEO Rose Code

We’ve evolved the hankie code into the ROMEO Rose code, if you want to grab a guy's attention send him one of our color coded Roses.

International Condom Day

Today is #InternationalCondomDay - an awareness campaign linked to Valentine’s Day to promote safer sex in an effort to reduce the spread of STIs and HIV. Join us today in reminding everyone that condoms are "Always in...

ROMEO Love Story Update

Liam and Raphael reached out to us last year with their ROMEO Love Story, which we shared on Valentine's Day 2018. Well it's been a whole year, so we're checking back to see how things are going with the happy couple in...

ROMEO Love Story

A little over four years ago on your website I met the man I ended up marrying in August 2017. From our very first date in Berlin, we fell deeper and deeper in love with each other, experiencing a type of relationship I...

Filter it out

We offer filter options on ROMEO PLUS to help you find the perfect match. Try a filter and see how easy it can be to find Mr. Right or Mr. Right now.


FOLSOM EUROPE is now an established as an annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair held in September in Berlin, Germany. This year it's on from September 5th to 9th and will be celebrating it's 15th year in Europe.

Take Me To Church

Club Church is a sex club and queer venue in Amsterdam for the rainbow community. The venue has always had a sex positive attitude and maintains an open minded approach to life. This little treasure just turned ten, and...

Coming Out As Kinky with Isaac

I'm Isaac, a 34 years old kinky-naked-sport guy. I consider myself a pansexual-ecosexual-queer guy (my first lovers were trans-people and a fig tree). I love to feel the sun and the air while I'm fucking. And I love...

Coming Out As Kinky – Hristo

"Living in Berlin, it might be easier to explain how an open relationship works, but when I tell my friends from Milan or also my colleagues, and straight colleagues, they are always really surprised. They can’t imagine...

QuickShare: Quick & Easy

QuickShare: Quick & Easy We love bringing you guys new features to make your dating life easier, and we know you’ll really like our latest development. A new way to share Our newest feature is called QuickShare and...