Pride Stories – Mr. Leather Ireland

We reached out to a group of out-and-proud members of the LGBGTQ community to ask what Pride means to them. This is the first in a six part series where we hope to touch on every color of the rainbow and get stories and...

Love Across Genders – Idàn and Max

Idàn has written Love Across Genders for the ROMEO audience. In this blog post, he explores his's perspective on trans culture and reveals some intimate parts of his relationship with his trans partner, Max.

Younger for Older

Younger men often end up with older guys, and it can be a perfect fit. In this blog post, we explore why younger men are drawn to older guys.

ROMEO Rose Code

We’ve evolved the hankie code into the ROMEO Rose code, if you want to grab a guy's attention send him one of our color coded Roses.

International Condom Day

Today is #InternationalCondomDay - an awareness campaign linked to Valentine’s Day to promote safer sex in an effort to reduce the spread of STIs and HIV. Join us today in reminding everyone that condoms are "Always in...

ROMEO Love Story Update

Liam and Raphael reached out to us last year with their ROMEO Love Story, which we shared on Valentine's Day 2018. Well it's been a whole year, so we're checking back to see how things are going with the happy couple in...

ROMEO Love Story

A little over four years ago on your website I met the man I ended up marrying in August 2017. From our very first date in Berlin, we fell deeper and deeper in love with each other, experiencing a type of relationship I...

The Love List

Love is the stuff that lifts us up where we belong. Check out our sliding gallery of six types of love, from happy couples to less happy penguins and one super self lover.