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Photographer – Kostis Fokas

"People are honest while naked, they come closer to their real self, they can’t hide behind the comfort clothing offers. I attempt to approach people in meaningful ways, and I believe that photographing myself went a...


FOLSOM EUROPE is now an established as an annual BDSM and leather subculture street fair held in September in Berlin, Germany. This year it's on from September 5th to 9th and will be celebrating it's 15th year in Europe.

Take Me To Church

Club Church is a sex club and queer venue in Amsterdam for the rainbow community. The venue has always had a sex positive attitude and maintains an open minded approach to life. This little treasure just turned ten, and...

The Meaning of Pride!

We asked different people around the world to tell us, what Pride means to them, or to share their most memorable Pride experience with us. This is what they said:

No GIFs, No Glory!

We’ve created a series of 9 super gay, fun, and sporty water polo themed GIFs, just in time for the Gay Games. We want to celebrate the joy of being out and proud gay sportspeople.

Sexual Health – No More C

NoMoreC is a special sexual health programme in Amsterdam that is committed to raising awareness around hepatitis C infection. The programme is mainly focused on gay men and more so men who have sex without condoms

Coming Out As Kinky with Isaac

I'm Isaac, a 34 years old kinky-naked-sport guy. I consider myself a pansexual-ecosexual-queer guy (my first lovers were trans-people and a fig tree). I love to feel the sun and the air while I'm fucking. And I love...

ROMEO Travel – Gay Colombia

Colombia is super gay. The capital city, Bogotá, is home to the largest gay club in South America, Theatron. Which, at capacity, holds up to 5000 party revelers and has 13 different dances floors. Aside from the...

Cologne Pride Guide 2018

Cologne Pride is one of the largest parties in Europe. It’s attended in huge numbers each year, and the full program runs over a two-week schedule of inclusivity and diverse celebrations. The main party and parade...

Gay Games – Paris 2018

The Gay Games is the world’s largest inclusive sports and culture event. It began in 1982, and was founded by decathlon Olympian Dr. Tom Waddell. We covered The History of the Gay Games previously on the blog. This time...

The Bingham Cup 2018

Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 promises to be the largest gay rugby event ever held. More than 66 gay and inclusive teams will take part from Europe and North America, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and South...