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ROMEO Sport – Rugby

ROMEO Sport is our space to feature and highlight some of the amazing athletes in our rainbow community. The Lowlanders gay rugby team are Holland’s only inclusive LGBTQIA+ rugby team and will be the first team sport featured here. We speak to Lowlander forward Lerone Tilburg, about his passion for ‘The Beautiful Game’ and his hopes for the upcoming Bingham Cup.


InstaAthletes – Out and Proud Athletes on Instagram

In our latest InstaList we bring you a host of impressive athletes that are out, proud, and living the best possible version of themselves everyday. Now that the Winter Olympics are over, we have two new high-profile gay athletes, Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon, but who else can we look to for visibility and inclusion in sports? Well actually, lots of people. This is #InstaAthletes.


ROMEO Art #2 – Artur Garba – GAY POWER

ROMEO Art is our space to highlight and exhibit everyone from budding queer artists and students to established creators. In this edition, we feature Artur Garba, a fine art student from Brazil.


Voulez-vous Coucher Avec Moi – Pickup lines in French

European Gay Ski Week runs from Saturday March 17th to the 24th and we have produced a handy phrasebook to help you impress your friends in French and maybe pick up a local.


David and Claudio – SEXSHOOTERS

“We are a London based DJ/producer couple, and as far as we know the only real-life couple and DJ duo on the international scene, therefore we have our own particular perspective on DJ life and the industry. I’m sure we’ll manage to offend some/all of you at some point throughout this interview, but we just like to keep it real.” – David and Claudio, SEXSHOOTERS


Harlen Munsö: PrEP-ing for the future

“I am here working on an art video about HIV prevention and PrEP. I am conducting interviews with people who are interested in PrEP or on PrEP. These generally take 15 minutes of peoples time. This project is a safe space where people can talk about their relationship with sex while taking PrEP or why they would like to be on PrEP. ” – Harlen Munsö


Queer Careers – Seven Ultra Omni, DJ (and Voguer)

“I wanted to be a DJ since I started clubbing. I was about 22. Have you ever been out dancing at a club and you hear a song for the first time, and it just touches your soul? You just dance your ass off, and you make this face like you just bit into a lemon wedge.” Seven Ultra Omni


Queer Black History: Melvin ‘Mel’ Boozer

This month we’re celebrating the role that gay black men have played in history, to advance diversity, inclusion, and modern gay awareness. This is Part 2 of the series.


The Big Gay Survey Results

This is the first time we've conducted The Big Gay Survey, and it's been a huge success! Over 58,000 of you took part and here are the results.

Which ‘Queer Eye’ Fab-Five guy are you?

Jonathan is sweet and has a ‘good mom’ approach to life, Tan has killer taste in fashion and a personality that pops with confidence, Antoni is cute and can make really nice toast, Karamo is in charge of culture, but he could take charge of anyone really, and Bobby, well Bobby is really good with his hands. The real question is, which one are you? Take our test and find out!

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