You may have been questioning yourself in love lately, but this month clears up a lot. Week 1 shines a light on what’s working and what isn’t in a current love situation. Single or partnered, you agree something has to change. In week 2, look on the bright side. If you’re disappointed in love, remember there are more fish in the sea and quite a few who’d nibble on your worm! Those in serious relationships get a boost in week 2 that supports great ideas which turn into positive actions. You might be about to make a leap of faith together, such as moving in together, getting married or even starting a business to bring in needed funds. By week 3, you’re feeling closer than ever. Make sure your expectations are realistic. It’s great to dream big, but don’t blame your partner if things don’t happen quickly enough for you. In week 4, try not to buy into a friend’s jealousy. They’re projecting their struggles on to you. Finish the month on a high note as your communication soars

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