Though you’re sometimes known as the practical one in relationships, this month allows you to let more of your feelings out, Mister Capricorn. Week one. You learn how much love truly means. If you like someone, why not tell them? Single and seeking new love? You may suffer a little setback when nothing you’re doing seems to be working out. No shame in pulling back a little until you figure out how much you want to share, and with whom. Week 2. You’ve reconnected with someone from your past, and they surprise you all over again. Partnered Capricorns have something to get off their chests. Speaking your truth in a loving way is such a gift. By week 3, your ruling planet asks you to make sure you’re as honest as you can be with a partner. No sense in starting out on the wrong foot. You’re getting cozy all over again. Building trust happens slowly for Capricorns, so no need to rush anything. Week 4 brings all the passion you could hope for, so make sure to schedule an extra special date night.

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