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 Cancer - Snaps & All

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Moon

Erogenous Zone: Chest

Best Traits: Loving, Sensitive & Affectionate

Worst Traits: Clingy & Manipulative

Famous & Cancerian

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Milo Ventimiglia & Daniel Radcliffe




Well hello to all you handsome men, Mr. Cancer, you might want to put on some armor because you're heading into battle. Even though you prefer to play couch potato in your living room, you'll be playing war at work - delays, rejections, and proposals, but you'll pull through. You've got your BFF's shoulder to cry on and a gym on every corner, so you can release some of that built-up tension. Stay peaceful even when you don't agree, because there is always something to learn. Mr. Cancer's big heart can be found on his sleeve when he's defending the ones he loves. At home, he's all about harmony with his chosen or unchosen family. In love, he might come across like his panties are wet and twisted up, but he's dealing with intense emotions that need nurturing ("yawn!"), and it'll be worth it! He's sensitive and soulful. A Cancer man wants to settle down soon, and he's the type who talks about starting a family on the first date. Delicious Crab Claw Kisses, Krystella, The Fortune Tella'


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