Cancer Crabs express deeper feelings this month, especially around the 3rd, when the compliments you give to your partner come right back to you. Week 2. Show a little more of your famously private self. Single? Your vulnerability attracts prospective partners. Married? Speak the truth about your plans going forward and take decisive action to achieve shared goals. You two are a force of nature now. Week 3. Don’t get offended if your honey doesn’t share everything with you. Differences are healthy for long-term success, and they keep things interesting. Week 4 brings a little warning: don’t get set in your ways. Don’t be manipulative, be as open and honest as possible. Whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ear again as romance takes over in a big way. Spend time dreaming about what to do when you’re even closer. There’ll be extensive changes if you can get on the same page.

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