You’re a big ball of masculine man love, even when you’re as camp as Christmas, with an intense paternal instinct. You’ve got a gigantic heart that you wear on your sleeve, and you defend the ones you love with a fierce sense of loyalty. This can be exhausting for your immediate loved ones, so share that enthusiasm with new people this week. Branching out will lead to new connections and a little perspective.

In life, you’re all about a cozy home and a harmonious family, whether that means blood relations or the queer family you’ve built up as an adult. Your loyalty can close you off to certain opportunities. Now is the time to seize your moment.

In love, you’re the nurturer whose intense emotions might come across as moody, but whose feelings are worth the effort. You’re sensitive and soulful, and the sign most likely to settle down first. You’re the queer that isn’t always joking. You can be serious and even have the feels, like for reals.


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