Week 1 – You talk about love with the physical gestures to match. Your vivid imagination comes into play the very next day when a Full Moon guides your moves. Week 2 – You just hit your stride when Pluto shines some healing rays your way, and the two of you find yourselves in a physical encounter to remember. Single Cancers meet someone who feels like a soul mate. This lunation could see you changing your mind and positions almost hourly. Week 3 – You get rather ‘grabby-touchy-feely,’ and that temptation comes with the Virgo New Moon. Enjoy the drama, but try to keep it low-key, okay? Week 4 – A Quarter Moon tangles your emotions, and it’s hard to resist the temptation to let go and indulge yourself. In an instant, the tables turn from feeling you don’t get the loving you deserve to your sudden discovery that this is just what you need.


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