Mister Cancer is known for his homey ways, but he’s usually just making sure he can trust someone before risking heartache. Week one of this month shows you it’s time to believe in someone a little more. You’re beginning to solidify something with someone you’ve just met, or may have been seeing for a while. Try to get past any resistance you feel by spending more time together. Being together helps build trust, so you’ll feel safe. Pace yourself as you move through weeks two and three. Trying to make things happen faster than they should only spoils the fun. Partnered Cancerians look to week four as the right time to reconnect if your busy schedules have kept you apart. By the end of week 4, single Cancer studs get hot and bothered, and ready to go. Your sexual magnetism is high, so put on your most flattering clothes and hit the town. You’ll likely attract someone unimaginable. Make fun your number one goal on the dating front. In week five, you’re putting out some compelling vibes, and others are picking up on them in a big way.

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