Can we guess your gay fetish?

Can we guess your gay fetish?

Everyone has a kinky side - even if they don't realise it. But what's your gay kink? Do you have a secret food fetish or maybe a thing for a man in uniform? Whether you know what turns you on or are still looking to find out - we've got you covered. So take our super-scientific quiz to find out once and for all what your gay fetish really is!


A visit to the doctor's office is like a trip to Disneyland for you because you're a guy who just can't get enough of guys with white coats, stethoscopes and terrible handwriting. Whenever you're feeling under the weather, you can't wait to get a private appointment with the doctor to really get your temperature up and your pulse racing. And who knows - if you're really lucky, maybe he'll give you a full-body examination while you're there. ;)


Nothing turns you on like a good, long sleep. Sleeping in bed, sleeping on the sofa, sleeping at work - all of these things turn you on. After all, spanking, BDSM and foot-worship just take up too much time and energy. Why go to all that effort when you can get your kicks with a long, satisfying nap? And if you're lucky, maybe you'll find a guy who shares your love of sleep, and wants nothing more than to spend the day cuddled up in bed with you. Sounds better than a strip-tease, right?


You love cake. A bit too much, some might say. But not us - we think it's great you've found a fetish that's right for you. You love touching cake, bathing in cake, throwing cake around - and sometimes you even eat it too. Like all things in life, sex is more fun when there's cake involved, and you love nothing more than combining the fun of sex with the added pleasure of cake. While some people might not understand your fetish, you don't really care. After all, they're probably just jealous their house isn't full of cake too. ;)


Some people love butts, some people love abs and some people love pecs. But not you - you're all about the feet. When it comes to sex, there's no better foreplay than some foot-play, and you like a guy who isn't shy about letting you get up close and personal with his feet. Whether they're sweaty and smelly or squeaky clean, there's nothing you love more than playing with a pair of bare feet - just make sure he's clipped his toenails first!


Although naked guys can be fun, you like your men covered from head to toe in a furry animal suit. Why? You're not quite sure, but you know there's nothing sexier than a guy dressed up as a fluffy dog or a big hairy bear. At home, you have a pile of costumes that you like to wear, ranging from tigers to wolves to lions with long, furry manes. As long as the outfit is soft and furry, for you, there's nothing hotter than getting up close and personal with a guy in costume. Just remember to come up for air!

Gas masks

You might not know you have a kink for gas masks right now, but all that's about to change. Suddenly, you're realising that there's nothing hotter than strapping on a heavy, airtight mask and getting down and dirty. While this realisation might be a little disconcerting - don't worry, there are plenty of guys who share your quirky fetish. So what are you waiting for? Buy a mask and step out into the wonderful, sexy gas mask world that's just waiting to be discovered!

Pick a cocktail

Martini Daiquiri Mai Tai Margarita

Pick a phallic vegetable

Carrot Cucumber Aubergine/Egg plant Corn

Which of these pictures is the scariest?

This spooky doll This shiny needle This terrifying cliff This smiling clown

Pick a toy car

This Volkswagen truck This long fancy car This little green one This cute red one

Pick a camel

This surprised camel This amused camel This perplexed camel This glamorous camel

Pick a guy to take on a date

This brooding guy This bearded bear The spiky haired man This smiley dude

Pick a pair of in-love animals

These in-love turtles These loved-up toads These ladybirds who are in love These love-struck snails

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