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Brendan Maclean has made a habit of finding himself under the spotlight not only for his music but also his extraordinary music videos. Huffington Post proclaimed Brendan’s work as, “The smartest, most compelling videos we’ve seen in years.” His latest film House of Air (NSFW) caused global controversy after racking up over 1.3 million hits in under a month, garnering both protests and acclaim from Billboard, The Hollywood Reporter, and PLANETRPOMEO.


House of Air has gone on to win The Berlin Music Video Awards, The Seattle Film Festival and has officially been accepted into Raindance Film Festival.

New Music

We had an in-depth interview with Brendan earlier this year. At that time, we wanted to check in, after the viral success of House Of Air. Since the,n he’s managed to release an EP . So, we thought we’d share the joyous news, which means we can stare at more dishy pics of this hunk from Down-under. 


Brendan Maclean is an artist who explores the gay narrative and speaks directly to my heart and soul. The first track, ‘Fighting For,’ captures love, heartbreak and the dichotomy that is the power to love someone so much, you hate yourself. The lyrics flip the position of victim and villain and sets the uncomfortable stage for a tempestuous relationship with egos clashing and a lot of skin in the game.

“I wanna go down in Flames, I’m gonna tear you apart, I need to know you remember…I’m nothing if you forget me…you know what I’m fighting for.” Brendan, you have lived my journey.

The second track, Rot (feat. Simo Soo) is a robotic melancholy melody that brushes somewhere between spoken word, song, and rap. “So dont forgive me, my heart is rot, don’t forgive me, have you forgot, I’m a monster, I’m a monster.” Self-hate and super criticism is a familiar theme for many young gay men on their journey, and one that can rot relationships. We can all feel like robots if we don’t know how to love. Bravo Brendan.

There’s two more tracks on the EP for you to uncover all by yourself, and if this is the first time you’ve met Brendan Maclean’s music, be sure to check out his other albums. Funbang1 does exactly what its name suggests. You can listen to, share, and or download his new EP – SOLO, right here.

Over to BM

Some words from the very talented Brendan Maclean:

“Hello gorgeous!” (he means you)

“The EP is finally up on all platforms, which means it’s time for me to start promo, kicking off with you gorgeous lovers.”

“As always I have made my music available for ‘Pay What You Feel’ so everyone can grab it, even if they pay nothing. Just a four-track EP but it’s a tasty next step, especially for people who only discovered me from the last single House of Air.”

– Brendan Maclean


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