Body Hair: Keep it Tidy


Hello Everyone,

Body hair is such a personal thing. Some people love it, the more hair – the more sex appeal. Others are entirely disgusted by it: wax, pluck and trim those nasty follicles away. There are the inbetweeners who can be attracted to both, it depends on the guy and the chemistry. We decided to run a poll on Twitter to see how our PLANETROMEO users feel about it too;

Body Hair: Which camp are you in?

  • Shave it all
  • Let it grow
  • Keep it tidy
  • I like both hairy and hairless

The overall winner was, option 3, with 38% of the vote, keep it tidy. So we decided to look into the best ways to keep your furry chests, hairy armpits and pubic bushes trimmed and presentable.

Personal Grooming

Let’s start by saying body hair care is a big part of personal grooming. And personal grooming is, as the title suggests, a personal matter. You need to do what feels good and right for you. If you like your chest hairy, then so be it. Don’t feel you must succumb to the pressure of the masses. Athletes like Christiano Ronaldo and David Beckham sport hairless, near perfect physiques, and it suits them. That doesn’t mean it has to be your look.

If you like a little hair, that’s great, but keeping it tidy is not a bad idea either. If you’re committed to shaving everything and keeping it 100% hairless, then our tips here will still be useful in your pursuit of a smoother you.

There are lots of different ways to banish unwanted hair and even some good health reasons. Body hair can retain moisture that can at times feed bacteria and lead to unwanted smells (Body Odor) and if you have a wound this bacteria can lead to infection. So it’s important to remember, if you do cut yourself while trimming or shaving, to keep the area clean afterwards with an antibacterial soap.


This is a method where a fine needle is inserted into individual hairs, a mild shock is sent to the root of the hair, killing it. Then the dead hair is plucked out. It can be painful and end up being expensive depending on the number of follow up appointments. For people with white skin and dark hair, it is often a permanent solution. Many men choose electrolysis to forever banish the unibrow. As you have to kill individual hairs it’s suited to a smaller area. Electroshocking your entire chest or back is probably not a great idea. It would hurt, take years, cost the earth and may not work.


So this is a very popular way to remove unwanted hair but it can be risky. It is often painful, removes some skin (non-permanently), and can result in a rash. There are much better hair removing soy wax creams available that only stick to the hair and leave the skin alone. Our tip is, ban the old honey and sugar waxes and opt for soy wax, it’s a creamy lotion. Soy wax only sticks to the hair and not the skin. Of course some people are talented at waxing correctly with minimum damage to the skin. So for you talented waxing technicians, go ahead and continue to wax. Otherwise get a professional to help you by booking an appointment at a beauty salon.

Plucking and Tweezing

So, plucking is God damn painful. Tweezing errant beard hairs out from your high cheek bones can result in tears and sneezing. If it is just one weird white hair in the middle of your chest or a top you pubic bush then pluck away. Tweezing is fast, effective and non-destructive to the rest of your crop.


Threading is an Indian traditional form of hair removal that is impressive, hypnotic to watch and also pretty effective. You wrap the thread into a v-shape and pick and pluck out hairs at speed. Ideal for the much-hated unibrow.

Trimmers and a Razor Blade

Some guys just go gung ho and try to chop that forest down with a bic razor blade. Hell to the no! First of all take a shower, soap the region, warn your hair and skin that you are about to get a tidy up. Clear a path with a nice beard trimmer or hair clippers. Do get clippers from a reputable maker like, Wahlberg or Phillips. It must have protective plastic clips numbered from 0.25 to 5. Depending on your hair thickness start with gradient 3, trim, and then drop to 1 or 0.5. If, however, you have a rainforest down there, it’s alway a good idea to trim longer thicker hair with a normal scissors (think chewbacca.) As we said at the very start this is a personal thing but a good general rule is, to never shave tighter than blade 1 or 0.5. It needs to look tidy but natural. A hairless look can be a tad prepubescent. Also no definite shapes like, a triangle or a square. Always default on nearly natural. That said if you want a lightning bolt or angel wings, get a handy cut-out and knock yourself out.

Vajazzling and The Manjazzle

When ladies decorate their vaginas, with stick on diamantes, it’s called vajazzling, you can totally manjazzle your pubic area if it excites you. Generally though, a tidy natural bush is the hottest look to promote. To manjazzle you will need to shave your pubic area as the glue for the diamantes needs to stick to the skin. Do not use regular glue, ouch! Use a glue that is kind to skin and can be washed off easily. When buying your manjazzle decorations, you should ask the salesperson to recommend a skin safe glue.

The Boyzilian

Many of you are keen to keep it clean. The new hairless look is sometimes referred to as the boyzilian and is growing in popularity with both gay and straight men. Many say they enjoy the feel of it, others think it’s cleaner and some do it for their partner. You can follow all of the advice above, but then when you need to go the extra distance and shave it all, take extra special care. For the full boyzilian, much like waxing, it‘s best to get professional help. Some places are just hard to reach and you really don’t want to make a mistake on your more delicate parts.

Do’s and Don’ts of body hair care



Make a hair plan that is natural for you
Wash and prep the area
Use lots of warm water, soap and patience
Trim with clippers first, gradually getting closer
Keep it looking as natural as possible
Moisturize the area post trim or shave
Use antibacterial shower gel for a couple of days post shave


Attack a full bush with a razor blade
Make a square or triangle shape
Wax yourself, use a hair melting cream or go to a beauty salon
Bend to peer pressure
Shave your armpits completely, they are meant to have a little tuft of hair

So now you have a perfectly trimmed bush, why not log on to PLANETROMEO and show the results to your friends online? You can add your hairy pics to your QuickShare album and make them available for an hour or if you’re really proud of your plucking and grooming you can add them to your public profile.

Happy trimming or happy manjazzling,

Much Love,