BGS Plastic Surgery Results

Over 58,000 Romeos took part in The Big Gay Survey earlier this year. We already shared an overview of the results in February. This time we want to take a closer look at the plastic surgery section from the same survey.


The Big Five

The results listed here focus on five countries; Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. We look specifically at botox, liposuction, hair transplantation, and finally, nose and lip work. To help get an idea of different trends and preferences, we’re looking specifically at two age categories, 18-24 and 35-44.

To find out which country voted for what procedure, just scroll down. You know you want to.

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We start the ball rolling with the German results. The 18-24 year olds that participated in the survey are most likely to have work done on their nose, lips and hair. On the contrary the 35-44 age group voted nose and lip and hair as the least likely procedure they’d have done. The pattern is similar with botox; for younger voters it was the least popular while for the 35-44 age category in Germany, botox tops the list.

BGS Plastic Surgery Results Germany

The United Kingdom

In the UK results, the pattern is initially repeated, where younger men voted nose and lips number one, and the older category voted for botox in the top spot. But, that is where the similarities end. Interesting to note, in both categories nose jobs got 18.4%. However it lands in the first place for the younger voters and in fourth place for the older category. Young British men were more likely to choose liposuction over botox or a hair transplant, while the 35-44 group voted for hair transplantation over liposuction.   

BGS Plastic Surgery Results




France is the only country out of the five highlighted here, that doesn’t have botox at the top of the list for the 35-44 age category. Hair transplants are more important to our French Romeos and liposuction came in third for both age groups. Could it be that our French Romeos are so body positive that regardless of having a belly or a six pack, they are content? Or, is it that they just don’t bend to body image pressure as much?

Young French voters were more concerned about their hair than their British counterparts, and the procedure came in second place, which is about one in ten. In the older category, hair transplants came out on top. So, thats one guy out of every ménage à trois (3-way) who either has or would have their hair line surgically enhanced. 

BGS Plastic Surgery Results France


The younger Romeos in Spain are more likely to get a nose job than any of the other choices. The 35-44 group went for botox, hair transplants, lipo and nose jobs in that order. Could nose jobs be falling down the list for the older group because they’ve already had work done and are more focused on maintenance than actual contouring and reshaping? Although Spanish cuisine is rather heavy, both age groups were not too keen on lipo. Much like the French results, lipo came in 3rd for both countries. The Spanish youth voted the least out of all the countries for botox, with only one in every twenty guapos considering a little lipo. ¡Olé!

BGS Plastic Surgery Results Spain


Finally Italy, home to some of the world’s finest and most exquisite art and men. The results mirror a lot of their mediterranean neighbor’s choices. The 18-24 year old Italianos voted for nose and lips highest, meaning that in all five countries, the younger voters all nominated a nose job as the most likely procedure they’d get done. In Italy, the younger men voted for hair transplants enough to get it into second place, just like Spain and France. The older Italian group were more interested in trimming that belly down. For botox, younger Italians voted for that procedure nearly twice as much as their Spanish amigos, but younger Germans totally dominated that category across the five countries. Younger men consistently voted botox as the least popular procedure except for in the UK, who nudged it up into third place.

BGS Plastic Surgery Results Italy



Medical Expertise

Before electing to take any medical procedure, we advise getting expert medical advice.

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